Hand Tool Products

Knipex Tools’ tethered tool pliers program feature lanyard connections and tether attachments in the form of plastic brackets with a closed wire clamp welded to the handle. The tool program includes high-leverage combination pliers, cable shears, mini bolt cutters, electrician’s pliers, lineman’s pliers, needle-nose pliers, a wire rope cutter and more. 

Nonconductive Tool Co.’s Voltclaw-12 is designed to manage 12–14 gauge electrical wire. It can be used to grab, push, pull or bend wire; create J-shaped loops on prestripped wires; and remove or tighten twist-on connectors. It is molded from impact-resistant nylon and is nonconductive up to 1,000V. Its smooth edges are designed to bend and move wires without damaging insulation.
Southwire Tools’ Max Punch XD knockout tool is used with an 18V cordless drill and Southwire’s three-point dies to deliver a knockout up to 4 in. in 10-gauge and stainless steel. It features thread-in/thread-out removable drawstuds and a replaceable chuck adapter, making it a field-serviceable tool. It is designed to use most standard knockout dies. 

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 Force Logic 9T utility cutter features a self-latching jaw that enables users to open the jaw with one hand, even while wearing Class 3 gloves. Wire automatically closes the jaw, providing hands-free jaw closure and mid-span cuts. It weighs under 12 lbs. and has a red lithium XC 5.0 battery, designed to provide 200 cuts per charge.
Greenlee Textron's semiconductive cable-scoring tool strips underground primary distribution cable barriers. The concealed blade actuates around the cable, rotating clockwise for a spiral cut and counterclockwise for a ring cut. It is available in two sizes.
Flex’s LRP 1503 VRA Boa metal and wood surface finisher sands and polishes pipe. The sanding belt wraps around the pipe when pressure is applied, and spring resistance between the deflection rollers keeps the sanding arm and sanding belt uniformly pretensioned. 

Knipex Tools’ 09 08 240 lineman’s pliers are made from German vanadium electric steel. They have a serrated, cross-hatched knurled gripping zone in the jaws, another gripping zone below the joint, and insulated, VDE-tested handles. 

ChannelLock Inc.’s 2012 12-in. oil filter/PVC pliers have a 30-degree angled head and right-angle teeth. They fit PVC, conduit and fittings and are constructed with a PermaLock fastener to eliminate nut and bolt failure. They are made of high carbon steel and have a jaw capacity of 21/2–33/4 in.
Irwin Tools' self-adjusting wire stripper can be used with 10–24 AWG wire. It has a wire cutter, an adjustable stopper that controls the length of the core strip, a swivel knob that micro-adjusts for gauges smaller than 20 AWG and a wire crimper for 10–22 AWG wires and 7–9 mm ignition terminals. 

Ridgid’s 12-ton, manual, hydraulic crimp tool is designed for wire termination and grounding applications to crimp compression lugs and connectors onto copper, aluminum and ACSR wire and grounding rods. The C-shaped head has a 1.65-in. jaw opening and a 330-degree head rotation. It is large enough for applications up to 1,000 MCM.