Face Protection Products

Brass Knuckle’s Vader Combo consists of a vented, splash goggle plus an antifog face shield. The aqua-green goggle has an over-the-glasses design with reverse venting and rubber seals around the nose, eyes and brow. The face-covering impact shield attaches to the goggle (instead of a hard hat) keeping the protective cover closer to the face and allowing less splash back. 

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Gateway Safety’s Venom face protection visor is made of 0.060-in.-thick polycarbonate, contoured for style and better facial coverage to block debris. It is available in clear, clear antifog and gray, as well as 3.0 and 5.0 IR filter shades. The headgear unit is available combined with or separate from the visor and has an extra-soft cloth brow pad to help absorb moisture.