Cable Products

AutomationDirect’s ZIPport straight-plug, mini cordsets have an oil-resistant, yellow PVC body and cable jackets, gold-plated copper alloy contacts, nickel-plated brass nut couplings, bare copper conductors and PVC insulation. They can withstand temperatures from –40°F to 221°F.
AFC Cable Systems’ MC luminary multizone cables can replace up to three traditional cables or three power and three control pair cables. Multiple color options and a neutral-per-phase construction are available. 

Solar Edge’s PV branch cables are made of double-insulated PV wire and enable the connection of multiple low-power modules in parallel to a single power optimizer. They are designed to reduce the number of power optimizers needed for a given installation. 

Tinifiber’s 12 core OM3 fiber optic cable is made of 250 µm color-coded fiber, three layers of 1,000dtex Kevlar, an inner jacket, 0.30-mm stainless steel tube, a metal braid and an outer jacket. The outer jacket is 0.80-mm thick and made of aqua plenum. This cable is also available without the metal braid.

AFC Cable Systems’ MC-PCS jacketed cable has an interlocking steel strip with a PVC jacket and an inner cable composed of two or three single, solid copper THHN/THWN conductors and one twisted, jacketed pair of 16 AWG solid TFN conductors. It allows control-circuit conductors to be placed in a cable with conductors of electric light, power or Class 1 circuits.
Southwire’s LSZH XLPO SolononPlus low-smoke, nonhalogen, cross-linked, polyolefin cable is available in multiple conductor sizes. It is an unjacketed, thermoset power cable and is designed for applications in the transit and railway industries, where flexibility, fire-resistance and low-smoke generation are important. 

Encore Wire’s metal-clad cable barrel pack can be maneuvered using a standard dolly and has a 360-degree radius payout. It does not require extra tools because it serves as an instant payoff system. It is available in standard 120V/280Y and 277V/480Y color codes. It eliminates the need for multiple reels, reducing waste.

Connect Air’s mid-capacitance, unshielded, plenum NEC Type FPLP cable for microprocessor-controlled systems is designed for fire alarm systems, voice communications, smoke detectors and pull boxes. It is available in AWG sizes 12–18. The insulation is premium-grade, color-coded fluoropolymer, and the jacket is red, plenum-rated PVC with a ripcord.

Vibration and Seismic Technologies’ seismic wire rope/cable bracing products are used to brace a range of nonstructural building components, including electrical products such as cable tray, conduit, suspended transformers and more. It has color-coded cable and hardware components such as the universal restraint clip and no-pry clip. 

AFC Cable Systems’ MC Luminary cable combines electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor. It is designed for commercial lighting designs in smart buildings for both LED and fluorescent dimming. It features two or three single copper THHN conductors, one single THHN insulated ground, and a twisted jacketed pair of TFN conductors.