Cable Products

Commodity Cables’ Category 5, 6 and 6A cables come in a variety of colors and in both shielded and unshielded versions with several outside plant cables.
General Cable’s MOR Polyrad XT-125 unarmored Type P cables provide maximum flexibility and flame-retardant characteristics, and resistance to environmental conditions with advanced mechanical properties. They are TC-ER-HL-certified and meet the crush- and impact-resistance requirements of an armored cable.

AlphaWire’s EcoCable Mini 300 V recyclable cable has a recyclable mPPE insulation and jacketing and operates in a –40°C to +80°C range. It is RoHS- and REACH-compliant and suitable for use in NFPA 79 applications.

AFC Cable Systems' MC Luminary cables combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor. MC Luminary cable is designed for commercial lighting in smart buildings for LED and fluorescent dimming. The MC Luminary cable features two or three single copper THHN conductors, one single THHN insulated ground, and a twisted jacketed pair of TFN conductors.
AFL’s 432-fiber Telcordia GR-20 compliant MicroCore cable has a 12.6 mm outer diameter and a stranded core geometry designed for easy midspan access and fiber express through applications typically used in the FTTx market. It can withstand more than 300 pounds of tensile load bearing and is suitable in operating temperature ranges found in most outside plant FTTx environments.
Extron Electronics’ XTP DTP 24 cable uses an SF/UTP shielded foil/unshielded twisted-pair design for digital video and audio distribution system applications and has 24 AWG solid copper conductors within overall braid and foil shields. Nonplenum and plenum-rated versions are available in 1,000-ft. spools. 

AFL’s subunitized premise MicroCore fiber optic cable has a small diameter and is available in 12–144 fibers. Its 2-mm subcables are designed for direct termination and support single-fiber and multifiber architectures.
General Cable’s TC-Flex tray cable is flexible with a PVC/nylon construction and comes on a cut-to-length basis in shielded and nonshielded copper constructions with phase identification of black numbered conductors with a green/yellow grounding conductor.
ICC’s Cat 5e 350 MHz UTP solid cable is riser flame-retardant and has sequential footage markings for usage tracking. It comes in blue, green, gray, white and yellow in 1,000 ft. lengths in an easy-pull box.
Kerite’s twisted, medium-voltage preassembled aerial cable is composed of three shielded conductor cables banded together plus a messenger wire. The conductor, either aluminum or copper, is insulated. The metallic shield consists of a 5-mil cupro-nickel or copper tape and/or copper concentric wires.