Cable Products

Extron Electronics’ XTP DTP 24 cable uses an SF/UTP shielded foil/unshielded twisted-pair design for digital video and audio distribution system applications and has 24 AWG solid copper conductors within overall braid and foil shields. Nonplenum and plenum-rated versions are available in 1,000-ft. spools. 

AFL’s subunitized premise MicroCore fiber optic cable has a small diameter and is available in 12–144 fibers. Its 2-mm subcables are designed for direct termination and support single-fiber and multifiber architectures.
General Cable’s TC-Flex tray cable is flexible with a PVC/nylon construction and comes on a cut-to-length basis in shielded and nonshielded copper constructions with phase identification of black numbered conductors with a green/yellow grounding conductor.
ICC’s Cat 5e 350 MHz UTP solid cable is riser flame-retardant and has sequential footage markings for usage tracking. It comes in blue, green, gray, white and yellow in 1,000 ft. lengths in an easy-pull box.
Kerite’s twisted, medium-voltage preassembled aerial cable is composed of three shielded conductor cables banded together plus a messenger wire. The conductor, either aluminum or copper, is insulated. The metallic shield consists of a 5-mil cupro-nickel or copper tape and/or copper concentric wires.
Southwire’s Romex SIMpull nonmetallic sheathed cable is tear-resistant, reduces burn-through and strips easily. The 600V cable has copper conductors, color-coded 30 mil. jacket and is available in two-, three- and four-conductor versions.