Cable Products

L-com’s armored M12 cable is built with high-flex, outdoor CMX-rated, double-shielded, FR-TPE cable. Its inner cable jacket is resistant to oil, UV rays, and weld splatter, and it is rated for 600V. It has IP-68-rated M12 connectors and a stainless steel armor with 1,500 PSI of crush resistance.

Underground Devices’ nonconductive, nonmetallic cable rack is molded from glass-reinforced polymer and is designed to never rust or corrode. Grounding, bonding and insulators are not necessary. It is available in 3–20-in. arm lengths with load capacities from 250–450 lbs. 

AutomationDirect’s 600V and 300V portable, hard-usage service cord has bare copper conductors, a EPDM thermoset rubber insulation and an oil-, weather- and water-resistant outer jacket. It is available in 18–10 AWG sizes; in 2-, 3- or 4-wire configurations; and in 20- to 1,000-ft. lengths.
Fairview Microwave’s 50 GHz and 67 GHz high-frequency VNA test cables are designed for semiconductor probe testing, precise bench-top testing and lab/production testing. They have stainless-steel connectors, braided stainless-steel armoring and the option for swept right-angle connectors. 

ICC’s ladder rack runway cable radius drop can be attached to a ladder rung or side rail for parallel or perpendicular cable drops. It maintains the proper 41/2-in. bend radius for copper or fiber optic cables, according to TIA specifications. It works with all of ICC’s ladder racks. 

AFC Cable Systems’ MC luminary multizone cable is designed to meet California’s daylight harvesting and dimming requirements. With control for up to three dimming zones, it combines line-voltage electric lighting and low-voltage control circuits within a single interlocked armor. 

Solar Edge’s PV branch cables are made of double-insulated PV wire and enable the connection of multiple low-power modules in parallel to a single power optimizer. They are designed to reduce the number of power optimizers needed for a given installation. 

AutomationDirect’s ZIPport straight-plug, mini cordsets have an oil-resistant, yellow PVC body and cable jackets, gold-plated copper alloy contacts, nickel-plated brass nut couplings, bare copper conductors and PVC insulation. They can withstand temperatures from –40°F to 221°F.
AFC Cable Systems’ MC luminary multizone cables can replace up to three traditional cables or three power and three control pair cables. Multiple color options and a neutral-per-phase construction are available. 

Tinifiber’s 12 core OM3 fiber optic cable is made of 250 µm color-coded fiber, three layers of 1,000dtex Kevlar, an inner jacket, 0.30-mm stainless steel tube, a metal braid and an outer jacket. The outer jacket is 0.80-mm thick and made of aqua plenum. This cable is also available without the metal braid.