Box Products

Orbit Industries’ universal, adjustable mounting box has guided slots on each side and a built-in adapter for adjusting the box from flush up to 11/2 in. It can be mounted direct-to-stud or used with the SSB for between stud or ceiling installations. 

Madison Electric Products’ SmartBox Shark Tooth round fixture box cuts its own hole with a built-in hole saw and ⁹/16 lug. It supports fixtures up to 6 lbs., features swing clamps for secure mounting and accommodates 3/0 and 4/0 fixtures. 

Allied Moulded Products’ two-gang floor box features a brass flip-lid cover and one tamper-resistant decorative device with a provision for an additional device or up to four low-voltage keystone plug-ins. It meets scrub-water exclusion tests.
Arlington Industries’ drop-in, flush-to-floor box kit is available with brass- or nickel-plated metal covers with gasketed lids and 0.04-in.-thick plated steel flanges. 

Arlington Industries’ 14.4-in.3 fan/fixture pan box offers joist-mount installation and works with 1/2-in. and single or double 5/8-in. drywall with furring strips or hat channel in new construction. It has a two-hour fire rating. 

Arlington’s nail-on, nonconductive, flanged vapor box has attached gaskets that prevent air infiltration. Nails are shipped captive and the gasket material is pre-attached. The built-in gasketed flange has ultra-thin alignment tabs to prevent drywall bulge. It is designed for single 1/2- or 5/8-in. drywall. It is UL-listed, UV-rated and has a two-hour fire rating. 

Orbit Industries’ HABIT (height adjustable box installation template) is a reusable tool with an adjustable platform that can be preset in heights up to 21 in., holding boxes and brackets firmly in place using magnets for a consistent height installation. Several models can be stacked (no tools necessary) for installations up to 49 in.
Arlington Industries’ drop-in floor box kits install nearly flush in existing floors. Designed for a neat installation, these floor boxes install with a single hole saw cut. They accommodate most 31/2-in. standard covers and Arlington’s round low-profile covers, which sit 1/8 in. off the floor and seat into a nonmetallic ring to reduce trip hazards.
Orbit Industries’ 4SDB-BP surface-mounting box is a 
4-in.-square, 21/8-in.-deep box with 1/2- and 3/4-in. MKOs and a 7-in. ground pigtail. It was designed with a flat back plate with screw holes, so it can be mounted to most surfaces without having to access the inside of the box.
Thomas & Betts’ Steel City single-gang flush residential floor box is designed for old or new installations in wood subfloors. It has a metallic outlet box with ½-in. knockouts, pry-outs and integral cable clamps for Type NM sheathed cable; a stamped, one-piece brass cover with brushed and lacquered finish; and a neoprene gasket.