Tools and Equipment

October 2002
Though longtime staples of electricians, corded power tools continue to evolve into ever-more effective, efficient workhorses.
September 2002
In an ideal world with perfectly sized buildings, conduit would install in standard lengths.
August 2002
Growing numbers of electrical contractors are testing for power and power quality for their customers, looking to prevent or minimize unwanted consequences of harmonics and voltage transients.
July 2002
All conduit bending requires the aid of a tool.
June 2002
Digital multimeters (DMMs), nowadays, are smart instruments with a wide range of possible capabilities. A basic meter could suffice for an electrician to make quick checks of voltage and resistance.
May 2002
Mounted on an arbor equipped with a pilot drill bit, a hole saw is a versatile electric drill accessory that saves time and effort in cutting (relatively) large holes.
April 2002
Crimpers are specialized tools used to connect wires to create a permanent electrical connection, or splice, through applied pressure.
March 2002
Each generation of professional cordless portable power tools moves closer to matching the performance (including power, precision, and speed) and the range of features of comparable corded power tool