Tools and Equipment

March 2004
Communication is essential for the efficient operation of every electrical or VDV project.
February 2004
Voice/data/video systems cannot be cabled and maintained without testing, and installers today can choose from a broad range of test tools that include basic testers providing simple “go/no-go” resul
January 2004
Electricians depend on bending tools and equipment to shape conduit and pipe on commercial, industrial and residential projects.
December 2003
Large or small, electrical contracting companies rely on trucks to transport personnel, equipment, tools and supplies to job sites.
November 2003
Power tools available to electricians today are compact, light but powerful, easier and less tiring to use, and more tools than ever are available in cordless models.
October 2003
Very often, electricians must employ portable power sources to bring electrical power to their customers.
September 2003
Examples range from easy-to-use calculators and electronic circuit finders to tablet computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs)—and from calculators developed specifically for electrical work t
August 2003
There’s more to this tester than just the basics The clamp-on meter is one of the most basic testing devices, providing a fast, non-intrusive method for measuring electrical current.
July 2003
As the scope of electrical contracting expands, testing equipment evolves to meet changing needs.
May 2003
There was a time when the quality of electrical power meant little more than whether the electricity was on or off. When power was on, lights worked and the radio played.