Tools and Equipment

December 2005
As electrical and datacom projects become more complex, moving materials and supplies and keeping everything organized and accessible can be a time-consuming, frustrating task on the job site.
November 2005
Why buy anything that can be leased? Let someone else take over many of the burdens and costs of ownership.
September 2005
Truck-mounted aerial lift equipment is the fastest, most efficient and safest way to raise workers, tools and equipment to work on aerial power transmission and distribution systems and overhead tele
August 2005
Soon after electricity made its appearance in homes and businesses, some unknown tradesman realized that marking the wires he was installing would simplify his work.
July 2005
Electricians routinely check for the presence of voltage.
June 2005
Fish tapes are basic, EASY-to-take-for-granted TOols.
May 2005
Drills, hammer drills, saws of various types, cable cutters, hole punches and crimpers are among the power hand tools most often used by electricians, helping complete more work in less time with les
March 2005
“Professional electricians pride themselves on quality, speed and accuracy of the connections they make,” said Bruce Hartranft, business unit manager, Ideal Industries.
February 2005
Correctly connecting and terminating fiber optic cable requires special tools and techniques.
January 2005
Electrical work can't be done without the right tools.