Tools and Equipment

November 2006
THE ELECTRICIANS WHO INSTALL COMMERCIAL, industrial and residential electrical systems need electricity to do the job, but in many situations, new construction often takes place in areas where commerc
October 2006
THERE WAS A TIME WHEN PULLING WIRE must have been one of the most labor-intensive and frustrating jobs electricians were called on to do.
September 2006
Cordless tools powered by lithium-ion batteries are attracting a growing number of enthusiastic users, including many electricians.
August 2006
No question about it, some tools are more exciting than others. New lithium-ion cordless drills and saws and those nifty laser-measuring devices attract attention and interest.
July 2006
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and to put a spin on that old expression, it can be said that the integrity of electrical and datacom systems can be compromised by a single faulty conn
June 2006
Before any commercial voice/data/video (VDV) network can be placed in service, certification tests must confirm the network meets applicable industry standards.
May 2006
Whether small or large, all electrical contracting companies need to effectively manage tool inventories.
April 2006
Clamp-on testers provide a convenient, effective way to test current without the need to place a test instrument in the circuit.
February 2006
New power tool features and improvements attract the attention of electricians, who are ever alert to advances that make work easier and more productive.
January 2006
Mobility, stability and operation ease make self-propelled aerial lifts the fastest, most efficient, and safest way to raise workers, tools and equipment to elevated heights for electrical and dataco