January 2013
System Sensor’s PipeIQ is all-in-one system design, configuration and monitoring software for the System Sensor FAAST aspirating smoke detector.
November 2006
McCormick’s ABS estimating software helps manage projects.
June 2004
Trucking companies and other fleet operators routinely use Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems to monitor trucks and other vehicles.
January 2003
Accubid Systems’ APEX (Accubid Purchasing Expeditor) is Accubid’s new purchasing system for electrical contractors.
January 2003
BlueVolt’s Wireless Work Orders & Time Tracking system saves time and money by connecting office computers to a cell phone in the field with carriers such as Sprint and Verizon.
January 2003
McCormick Systems’ PDA Takeoff application can run multiple jobs on any Palm OS.
March 2002
Accubid Pro VDV Database & Estimating Software delivers enhancements that include new takeoff libraries—structurally similar to the electrical database but distinctive to VDV.