April 2017: Residential


For electrical contractors 
specializing in bread-and-butter residential projects, such as changing out light switches and...

Tiny houses are having their moment. They have their own television shows, magazines and festivals...

As the Solar-technology industry tries to become more flexible to meet the needs of the...

Apple HomeKit

According to a 2016 industry study by Zion Research, the U.S. market for home automation...

Milwaukee Tool offers a full line of SDS plus cordless rotary hammers.

A hammer drill may be sufficient for drilling small-diameter holes in soft masonry, some metals...

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more than 360 million troffers (named for...

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Mayor Bill de Blasio signs Introduction 247-A into law.
| April 2017
According to the New York City Council website, on March 21, Mayor Bill de Blasio enacted Introduction 247-A, a bill which amends the New York City administrative code to incr

Each tooth on each Sawzall blade is carbon tipped individually., Plant Manager Jack Bilotta demonstrates the Sawzall blade manufacturing process with a set of blades from each stage., These wheels grind the blades. Milwaukee Tool said the wheels need to be replaced about every one and a half shifts., The Sawzall blades are powder coated and then heat cured., This board displays the minor defects that can lead to a rejected blade., , , According to Bilotta, Milwaukee Tool keeps about a week's worth of supply on hand., Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant appeared at the conclusion of the event to speak about the work the state has done with Milwaukee Tool to create jobs for the impoverished Mississippi Delta region.
| April 2017
On Tuesday, March 28, Milwaukee Tool held a media event and tour of the company’s Greenwood, Miss., plant, which manufactures reciprocating saw, hole saw and band saw blades.

| April 2017
Eaton Corporation, a power management company based in Cleveland, is teaming with ATEC Training and Certification Services to offer a training course on the National Electrica

| April 2017
Selecting the right dimmer and lamp combination can be challenging. The good news is progress is being made.

| April 2017
An enlightening article in the February issue of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR touched on an important topic and perspective for the electrical construction industry: women in the wor