February 2017: Cabling and Building Controls


Microgrids are the hot new idea that’s been around forever. Thomas Edison’s first New York...

With a mix of job smarts, business savvy, grit and grace, an increasing number of...

The world’s longest and widest floating bridge spans a portion of Highway 520 in Washington...

As building intelligence becomes a mainstream demand in small to mid-sized buildings and companies, contractors...

A suitable application for tunable white lighting is in classrooms. The system used in the room shown above offers four settings. In “calm” mode, the lights are set at a standard intensity level and warm shade of white light, oriented toward calming an excited class.

The color appearance of light sources can have a major impact on how people perceive...

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| February 2017
The beginning of every year brings a range of challenging opportunities for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the industry we do our best to represent

| February 2017
Hand injuries account for roughly one-third of all occupational injuries, one-quarter of all lost time at work and one-fifth of all disability claims.

| February 2017
In recent years, efficiency has become one of the primary drivers toward a sustainable energy economy and reduced carbon emissions.

| February 2017
Safety has always been one of the biggest knocks against nuclear power.

| February 2017
Two recent reports analyze the outlook for building automation and control systems.