March 2016: The Residential Market


Photos by Jill Mazur

In Southern California, large multifamily residential projects are growing vertically—in towers, high rises and other...

Wireless connectivity—combined with intelligence embedded in lamps and luminaires—enables programmability and accessibility from anywhere using everyday devices.

The 2008 housing-market crash ended the home construction boom. A steady recovery began in 2012,...

Wireless power management is on the rise. With its choice of closed or open systems,...

Five years ago, as plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) began hitting the road in numbers, U.S....

Project challenges for Advent Systems included dealing with the sound reverberations caused by the diagonal lines and peaked center of the ceiling.

Churches are designed to be places of worship. Pastors deliver sermons. Congregations pray, sing and...

With more than 100 million homes 
in the United States, the residential service/maintenance market offers...

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| March 2016
Business development is a hot topic these days. Many electrical contractors often think about how it can improve their bottom line.

| March 2016
Head injuries account for thousands of on-the-job injuries and many preventable fatalities each year.

| March 2016
Although there has not been a huge wave of publicity about tiny houses—loosely defined as homes under 1,000 square feet, commonly between 200 and 400 square feet—their popular

| March 2016
Last month, I started a conversation about millennials. As a group, they are very important.

| March 2016
Single-mode fiber needs many more splices than multimode.