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On Sept. 24, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and Westex by Milliken hosted a webinar on the causes and consequences of arc flashes and the 2015 changes to NFPA 70E. The webinar focused on historical data, real accidents, body burn, and the differences between non-FR and FR clothing. Westex by Milliken featured a new HD super slow motion video of arc flashes on real 480V equipment with clothed mannequins in typical working position. The videos, which have led to a significant leap in understanding the arc flash hazard, showed arcs from 0.6 up to 40+ cals.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine has launched an app version to supplement the print and online brand offerings already in place. The app is available now in iOS, Android and Kindle versions through the iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. It features a page-by-page version of the monthly magazine, a text-only mobile-friendly version, and a hybrid solution.  Downloading the app is easy. Simply click the following link for your respective platform, or search for "electrical contractor" on your platform's app marketplace.

PITTSBURGH … Power management company Eaton today announced tips aimed at helping professionals properly report counterfeit electrical products. The tips will assist professionals throughout the electrical supply chain with tools to recognize and report suspect products to ultimately help brands and law enforcement identify potential counterfeit product supply chains.

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Harrisburg, N.C. — Galvan Electrical Products has developed online test modules for two of the company's "Safe Grounding Videos" to provide more education on key issues which influence good grounding practices. Galvan's six "Safe Grounding Videos" have been viewed more than 38,000 times. Each short video contains several important points related to code compliance, ground rod specifications, factors affecting ground rod life or ground rod installation and inspection.

What’s offered: An intensive, five-day training workshop on the latest and most advanced techniques in both de-energized and energized motor testing. These two, back-to-back courses are independently certified by IACET and SAIEE and can be taken individually or together. The combined course provides the knowledge necessary to detect developing winding faults before they occur; troubleshoot motor faults; identify and correct 100 percent of mechanical and electrical motor faults; and estimate time until failure on low voltage motors (<600V).

First webinar will highlight recent trends in counterfeiting as well as the legal response addressing the issueARLINGTON, VA – The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) will be hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, Oct. 29th from 11:00 – 11:45 a.m. EST, titled, “Counterfeiting: Understanding Your Risk and Liability.” The informational webinar will delve into recent trends in counterfeiting as well as the legal responses aimed at addressing the issue.

HILLSBORO, Ore. (Oct. 13, 2014) – Rosendin Electric (, the nation’s largest private electrical contractor and an employee-owned company, is proud to announce that the company has been selected as one of the 2014 Top Workplaces by The Oregonian newspaper.The Oregonian’s annual Top Workplaces are determined solely by employee feedback and the criteria for selection include qualities such as company leadership, communication, career opportunities, working environment, managerial skills, pay and benefits.

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 30, 2014 — Power management company Eaton today announced that new laser-etched labels will be featured on its molded case circuit breakers (MCCBs) to help in product authentication. Laser-etching is one of many new technologies employed by Eaton and other manufacturers to help combat the counterfeiting of electrical products.Eaton’s new laser marking method provides more permanent markings, helping to authenticate each circuit breaker throughout its life cycle.

BETHESDA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Electrical Contractor magazine has recognized 20 outstanding new products at the 2014 NECA Convention and Trade Show in Chicago with its annual Showstopper Awards. "This year’s diverse Showstopper winners represent the best of new product ingenuity for the growing $130B electrical community," said Electrical Contractor Publisher John Maisel. The 2014 Showstopper winners include: