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Eaton and ESFI Spark Anti-Counterfeiting Collaboration for National Electrical Safety Month

Pittsburgh, April 29, 2014—Power management company Eaton today announced an ongoing public awareness campaign focused on educating the public about the dangers of counterfeit electrical products. The program, in partnership with the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) for the second consecutive year, is taking place during National Electrical Safety Month in May.

The program is intended to ensure a fundamental understanding surrounding electrical safety, build awareness among key audiences about counterfeit products and the dangers they pose in residential and industrial settings, as well as their adverse economic impact. Included in ESFI’s campaign resources is an illustrated fact sheet that provides consumers with tips on avoiding counterfeit electrical products.

“Electrical safety is a key component of Eaton’s power management mission and our anti-counterfeiting initiative is an important part of this effort,” said Tom Grace, brand protection manager, Eaton’s Electrical Sector Americas. “Each year counterfeiters become more and more sophisticated, so our continued efforts to raise awareness of the proliferation and dangers of counterfeit electrical products has become more important.”

Eaton and ESFI will collaborate through social media efforts to share electrical safety tips and facts, including the dangers of counterfeit electrical products and how to avoid and identify such products. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #anticounterfeit and #NESM.

Eaton and ESFI will also address safety and economic issues of counterfeit electrical products with industry professionals during panel discussions at key trade shows.

“Education has been shown to make an impact while addressing the important issue of counterfeit electrical products and can help save lives and prevent injuries and property damage,” said Brett Brenner, president, ESFI. “For many years, Eaton has taken a leadership role in educating the public about dangerous counterfeit electrical products that make their way into our homes, businesses and public institutions every day. We look forward to growing our collaboration efforts as ESFI expands its anti-counterfeiting initiatives.”

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