The Evolving Role of Electrical Contractors

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Profile of the Electrical Contractor

One of the electrical contractor's most valuable assets is its vehicle fleet. The vast majority continue to require transportation.

The full Profile of the Electrical Contractor report features 69 pages of in-depth research data that is free to all for industry use.

Despite a decline in contractors reportedly purchasing tools, the majority continue to purchase rather than lease.

On average, the majority of electrical contractors are participating in design/build projects, bringing in big business

Along with the full Profile report, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR publishes a companion feature article.

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  • Compared with the 2008 Profile, a significantly higher percentage of ECs said their annual revenues were less than $250,000, while fewer reported having annual revenues between $250,000 and $1 million.
  • Overall, ECs continue to get more of their total business from commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) work than from residential projects.
  • This year's survey resoundingly demonstrates that the industry is suffering from the ills of the economic crisis that has hindered the construction markets since 2007.

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