Manufacturer Products

Leviton’s Decora digital rocker switch and 24-hour timer is controlled using an app and, with Bluetooth, has 30-ft. local control without a hub, gateway or internet connection. 

Orbit Industries’ universal, adjustable mounting box has guided slots on each side and a built-in adapter for adjusting the box from flush up to 11/2 in. It can be mounted direct-to-stud or used with the SSB for between stud or ceiling installations. 

Allied Moulded Products’ two-gang floor box features a brass flip-lid cover and one tamper-resistant decorative device with a provision for an additional device or up to four low-voltage keystone plug-ins. It meets scrub-water exclusion tests.
Arlington Industries’ drop-in, flush-to-floor box kit is available with brass- or nickel-plated metal covers with gasketed lids and 0.04-in.-thick plated steel flanges. 

Thomas & Betts’ SuperClean wall offset is designed for food and beverage processors. It allows for 360-degree cleaning of all equipment and parts as required by food safety standards. It is available in two sizes and can be stacked to offer customized installation. The material is nylon blended with a bacteria-resistant silver-ion additive. 

Greenlee Textron Inc.’s G6 Turbo puller has a 120V AC drive motor, which can pull 6,000 lbs. of maximum force and 4,000 lbs. continuously. It has dual capstans, built-in spring-loaded pins and control boards that monitor the current draw of the motor and protect it from overloading. 

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL drywall screw gun features a Powerstate brushless motor that spins at 4,500 rpm and an auto-start feature, which automatically starts the motor on contact with drywall. 

LEDvance’s Sylvania Smart, A19 full-color lamp can be controlled using Siri and Apple’s Home app. It doesn't require a separate hub, smart socket or Wi-Fi. Users can screw in the Bluetooth- and HomeKit-enabled lamp into any socket, sync it with the Home app and begin controlling it. Its features include dimming, adjusting the color temperature and choosing from millions of color options. 

Bridgeport Fittings’ patented Mighty-Merge 630-NM2 multiport connector is designed for prefabricated bundles of nonmetallic cable. It enables contractors to connect multiple cables through a single 3/4-in. knockout. Contractors squeeze the fittings’ tabs to install or remove the cables.
WAGO’s push-in cage clamp PCB terminal blocks offer connections for all wire types. Solid and ferruled wires can be directly pushed in for connection, while tool-actuated termination is available parallel to the conductor entry for stranded wire and for the release of all wire types.