Manufacturer Products

Greenlee Communications’ 930XC optical time-domain reflectometer comes standard with an optical power meter, a visual fault locator, and a stabilized light source. It has an easy-to-read display, single-button test options, and can run for up to 8 hours on a single battery charge.
Fluke Corp.’s 1623-2 and 1625-2 earth ground testers perform all four types of earth ground measurements: three- and four-pole fall-of-potential, four-pole soil resistivity, selective testing, and stakeless testing.
Anaheim Scientific’s M140 mini solar power meter measures solar irradiance in units of W/m2 or Btu/(ft2×h). It is durable, reliable and easy to use for solar power evaluations, finding the optimal incident angle for solar panels and measurement of the sun’s transmission through transparent and opaque materials.
Southwire’s smart tensiometer enables a user to obtain rope tension, pulling speed, pull distance and sidewall pressure data wirelessly. The display unit stores up to 16 gigabytes of data and has a USB port. The load-sensing unit attaches to a cable puller and is calibrated up to 10,000 lbs. with most pulling rope sizes.
Ledzworld’s MR16 Chameleon LED lChameleon driver adjusts to its environment by detecting the transformer type, analyzing its waveform and adjusting to make an electrical fit with that particular transformer. This feature makes the MR16 Chameleon retrofit lamps plug and play.

Philips’ Xitanium outdoor LED driver is available in wattages from 40W to 150W for hardwire integration into outdoor luminaires. It operates at wide temperature and electrical ranges.

Crestron’s Green Light dimmable LED driver provides high-power LED lighting with deep dimming to below 1 percent. Available in 50W and 100W models with DALI or 0–10V control, it uses a combination of duty-cycle and current dimming.
Kenall Lighting’s T8-LED retrofit kit is designed to maintain listings of installed Kenall wet location sealed enclosure. The 48-in.-long ceramic mid-power LED array reduces color shift, providing better lumen maintenance over time. It has an extruded 6063-T5 aluminum heat sink for effective thermal management.

Leviton’s Sector 7 0–10V fluorescent dimming ballast supports all fluorescent dimming applications. It has flicker-free dimming from 100 percent down to 1 percent. It has automatic restart and shutdown modes; brown-out protection provides stable performance.

Thomas Research Products’ 25W and 45W LED drivers for use in hazardous location fixtures have V5A cases and internal thermal protection. They are rated for dry and damp locations and are available in constant-current, dimming and constant-voltage versions. Leads exit through the bottom or the side.