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Vehicle Tracking System

Honeywell’s Total Connect Tracking Services uses GPS technology to remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time. Users can track up to 20 vehicles and assets with Google Maps, view 5-minute tracking “breadcrumbs,” and access a 90-day event history. They can receive text messages and email alerts when vehicles or assets have been moved, exceed speed limits or travel outside predetermined geographic boundaries. The Vehicle Tracker TCVT2 enables tracking of passenger cars, light trucks and service vans. It plugs into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system port and does not require charging. A vehicle tracker extension cable (VT-EXT) is also available. The Asset Tracker (TCAT) is recommended for powered assets. The Asset Tracker with Extended Battery (TCAT-EB) is designed for assets without constant power. It provides on-demand location, speed of travel and history information 24/7.