Manufacturer Products

OneEvent Technologies’ OnePrevent cloud-based building and home monitoring system constantly measures smoke, temperature and motion using a sensor system. It learns a building’s daily routine and determines what is normal. It immediately alerts users on their smartphone when it predicts a disaster such as flood or fire.
Seco-Larm’s Split series keypad keeps the keypad and controller separate, preventing access from keypad tampering. It supports up to 1,200 users, and all of the features are programmable directly from the keypad. It also has a built-in proximity card reader, illuminated keys, programmable egress input, door sensor input and an interlocking input for connecting a second keypad.

Douglas Lighting Controls’ Dialog lighting control unit controls up to 252 relays and 252 dimming channels and provides power to Dialog network peripheral devices. It has dual ethernet ports for daisy-chain networking additional controllers, a touchscreen for at-panel programming and an integrated web-server for remote access. 

Eero’s Wi-Fi access point can broadcast on three wireless radio bands simultaneously and features two Ethernet ports. Its TrueMesh software automatically determines the signal strength between devices and the best path from a device to the modem, adjusting for system disruptions like an Eero device being knocked out of the wall. 

Morse Watchmans' KeyBank key access-control system includes a 7-in. touchscreen and a new KeyAnywhere feature that allows users to return a key to any key bank in the system. Users can also locate which key bank a specific key is in and determine who has it out. The system can accommodate up to 18,000 keys and 10,000 users. 

Warmup’s 4iE thermostat is compatible with floor heating, baseboards, wall heaters and fan-forced air. It can program itself using a smartphone location and the occasional override. Users can vary their settings by zone and will receive recommendations for the best settings for each room based on usage. It automatically suggests ways to save energy. It can be controlled with the MyWarmup app.

ComNet’s access control system is available as the CNA100 line for 2- to 8-door applications or the CNA200 for up to 32 doors. Both use embedded smart technology and do not require special software or a PC, meaning users can manage the system from anywhere with internet access.
Midas Touch’s 720p SIP intercom has a 1/4-in. progressive scan CMOS sensor, six white LEDs to provide a clear image in low light, acoustic echo cancellation on the speaker and two-way communication capabilities. Brightness, contrast and volume settings are adjustable. It can be wall-mounted or placed on a desktop. 

Viking’s 40-IP paging speaker connects to compatible hosted and on-premise VoIP phone systems as an SIP endpoint device or as a part of a multicast paging group. It can broadcast regular voice pages, as well as background music, emergency alerts and class bell/break tones. It is designed for single-zone and multicast paging as well as interfacing with analog amplifiers and speakers.

Tyco SimplexGrinnell’s Simplex TrueAlert ES addressable speakers offer on-off control and targeted audio messaging to specific or individual devices. Each unit has its own address on the fire alarm system and is supervised by a Simplex ES fire alarm panel.