Manufacturer Products

AFC Cable Systems' MC Luminary cables combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor. MC Luminary cable is designed for commercial lighting in smart buildings for LED and fluorescent dimming. The MC Luminary cable features two or three single copper THHN conductors, one single THHN insulated ground, and a twisted jacketed pair of TFN conductors.
FLIR Systems’ FLIR FX home security camera has outdoor, sport and car-dashboard housing and mounts. Rapid Recap technology provides simultaneous presentation of objects, events and actions that occurred at different times, enabling anyone to review events of interest from an entire day in a few minutes.
Solid Technical Solutions Tec-Flon high-tech nonhydrocarbon, nonsilicone, fluorinated lubricant materials are designed specifically for use with plastics, in paint shops where silicones are not permitted, or in vacuum environments. The oils and greases remain effective when used for high-performance applications, even in high temperature settings. 

Tyco Security Products’ Elpas Lone Worker emergency call transmitter monitors the location of the Lone Worker tag and may be used to manage emergency response efforts for personnel who may be subject to attack or injury when operating it on their own. It has two emergency call buttons that are located on either side of the unit for manual, wireless duress alerting.
The Art of Power’s tower has four standard power outlets and two USB charging ports rated at 2.1A at 5V DC, allowing for the powering of up to six devices simultaneously. It has surge protection, EMI and an RFI noise filter and a built-in, resettable 15A circuit breaker in a sleek holder that neatly stores electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones.
Lutron Electronics’ app enables users to control lighting, security and shades from iOS and Android-based smart phones using the professionally installed Lutron Smart Bridge Pro, embedded with Lutron’s powerful Clear Connect wireless technology, which sends radio frequency communication signals to Lutron’s Caseta wireless dimmers, Pico remote controls, Serena remote-controlled shades and thi
Arlington Industries’ adjustable non-metallic in/out box for ceiling fixtures is fully adjustable to accommodate varying ceiling thicknesses, such as single or double drywall. It is preset for a ½-in. ceiling, but adjusts up to 1½-in. with an always-accessible depth adjustment screw. 

DEWALT’s handheld DCT419 wall scanner can detect wood, ferrous and nonferrous metal, plastic, and unshielded live electric wiring behind multiple wall surfaces, including drywall, plywood, concrete and ceramic tile at a sensing depth of up to 3 in.
Cortec’s VpCI 389 water-based, temporary coating for aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper alloys and tin-plated steel in outside applications and salt-spray resistance is very efficient in SO2 and H2S environments. It cures to a soft film and eventually hardens. The product leaves a translucent, waxy coating that is easily removable with alkaline cleaners.
HD Electric’s handheld LV-5 stray voltage detector and the VP-1 voltage probe indicate the presence of voltage with either a flashing light or flashing light and beeper. The LV-5 detects voltages from 5–600V AC, which may be present on electrically conductive surfaces. The VP-1 detects voltages from 50–600V AC on underground equipment test points or other energized equipment.