Manufacturer Products

Bridgeport Fittings’ patented Mighty-Merge 630-NM2 multiport connector is designed for prefabricated bundles of nonmetallic cable. It enables contractors to connect multiple cables through a single 3/4-in. knockout. Contractors squeeze the fittings’ tabs to install or remove the cables.
WAGO’s push-in cage clamp PCB terminal blocks offer connections for all wire types. Solid and ferruled wires can be directly pushed in for connection, while tool-actuated termination is available parallel to the conductor entry for stranded wire and for the release of all wire types.
Tenmat’s 1- and 2-hour, UL fire-rated enclosures provide a flexible and lightweight cover for recessed, incandescent, fluorescent or LED lights. They enable electrical contractors to meet building codes without having carpenters build expensive and bulky drywall boxes. 

Epson's Labelworks PX400 portable industrial label and wire-marking printer can work wirelessly in the field through Bluetooth, using iLabel and Datacom apps or with software. It comes with preloaded panel templates, and the iLabel app includes industrial graphics, photo import, preformatted templates, speech-to-text recognition and date-time stamp.
Arlington’s GC50 grounding electrode connector installs from inside or outside a metal panel or enclosure through an existing 1/2-in. knockout. There is no need to modify the box or use lugs. It is listed for No. 8 to No. 2 solid and stranded aluminum and copper conductors.

EarthTronics’ wet location-rated square mini-panel LED operates on 120V AC 60 Hz and features an impact-resistant acrylic lens, 5–100 percent dimming and a 50,000-hour rated life. It is available in 5 1/2-, 7- and 9-in. square designs ranging from 11, 14 and 17 watts producing 700, 900 and 1,200 lumens. 

Klein Tools’ ET05 digital pocket thermometer measures temperatures ranging from –40 to 482°F and –40 to 250°C with 0.1-degree resolution. Users can capture maximum, minimum and average values. It has a 3-in. stainless steel probe, a backlit LCD display and an open, protective sheath, which can be used for ambient air measurements or as a handle for extended reach. 

Triax Technologies’ spot-r wearable work-management device and system enables site supervisors to conduct real-time head counts, perform location checks and find specific workers on the job site. Workers also can push the self-alert button to instantly report site hazards, incidents or potential injuries. In case of emergency, authorized personnel can trigger site-wide evacuation alerts. 

Universal Lighting Technologies’ Diversa WOR ceiling-mount occupancy PIR sensor has onboard switches and dials for configuration changes, a tilting lens and a link to a network of up to eight sensors for master/slave control in one area. Additional options include a photo sensor for daylight harvesting, 0–10V dimming and auxiliary relay.
Centralite’s 3315-C water sensor is intended to protect homes against leaks and floods. It should be installed directly on the ground near water heaters, drain pans and underneath sinks. It can detect as little as 0.5 ounces of water and trigger a whole-home water shutoff valve to disconnect the water supply. It is water-resistant to ensure notification before damage occurs to the sensor.