Manufacturer Products

The connected home is the future, and the Lutron App for Caséta Wireless provides a strong foundation for that future. This app allows users to adjust their home’s lighting from anywhere, including controls for shades and temperature.
Lutron’s H-Series LED driver features smooth, flicker-free dimming to 1 percent with a soft fade-on and smooth fade to black. Models are available for LED troffers and linear lighting up to 75W and downlights up to 40W. Digital controls filter electrical noise. It meets NEMA inrush standards, eliminating false breaker tripping.
eGauge Systems LLC’s eGauge 3 series is a web-based electric energy and power meter that can measure up to 12 conductors on residential and commercial systems. It has a built-in, 30-year data logger and is intended to measure and record PV production, building electrical consumption and individual load consumption. The web server is embedded in the device, so there is no software to download.
Ecobee Inc.’s ecobee3 smart thermostat works over a home’s Wi-Fi network and can incorporate up to 32 remote sensors that can relay precise temperature measurements in individual rooms. Users interface with the system using the 3½-in. touchscreen on the device or through mobile apps or an Internet browser. The sensors are 1.7 in. by 1.7 in. by 2.2 in. and can be mounted on a wall or a stand.
Curb’s energy-intelligence system for residential and commercial spaces uses up to 18 current sensors installed in a panelboard to monitor everything that draws power and reports to the user what is turned on, how much power it is using and what it costs. Curb processes electrical-usage data and shares insights to help users make their home or facility more energy-efficient.
Klein Tools’ utility and pocket knives include an assisted-open camo knife with a tanto-style knife point, assisted-open tactical knife, electrician’s pocket knife with three wire-stripping notches and liner lock, folding pocket knife, compact pocket knife, auto-loading folding retractable utility knife, camo assisted-open folding utility knife with dual thumb knob, Realtree Xtra camo handle de
Legrand Pass & Seymour’s watertight ground continuity monitoring products have a dual bright blue or red LED indicator in a transparent thermoplastic elastomer. This allows the lights to be seen while providing a NEMA 6P/IP67 rating. The blue light indicates the upstream circuit is grounded and wired properly from the receptacle back to the panel and from the cordset back to the plug.
Ideal Industries Inc.’s Audacy wireless energy management system provides wireless control through a mobile app over multibuilding lighting systems by automatically sensing and adjusting to ambient light, movement and room occupancy. It is targeted for the retrofit, new construction, retail and institutional lighting markets. 

CSE’s A110 micro slim LED downlight is 6 mm thick and weighs 3½ oz. Lens options include clear, opaque and angled, and it comes in eight colors. Color temperatures range from 2,700K to 6,500K. It is designed to fit into an existing can, a single-gang junction box or a 4-in. round junction box. 

ChargePoint’s CT4000 is a Level 2 commercial EV charging station. Its full-motion color LCD display instructs drivers and supports videos and advertisements. With the CT4000, two charging ports share a circuit. Each port supplies up to 7.2 kW with a standard connector. Stations are available in bollard and wall-mount configurations. Stations are available in 6-ft. and 8-ft. models with 18-ft.