Manufacturer Products

Nothing brings a job site to a halt like a missing tool. For that reason, merely checking tools in and out isn’t enough.
5 Elika Access’ Elika 460 wireless telephone access and entry system has a solar charger and an HD camera that automatically begins recording when the intelligent proximity sensor detects motion. Using a mobile app, customers can add or delete users, set temporary codes, grant or deny access, check history logs and more.
4 Leviton’s 1,000W Decora universal smart dimmer is enabled with Apple HomeKit, so it can be controlled through an app or using Siri on an iPhone or iPad. It can also be controlled using a free app from Leviton called Decora Smart Home. A 600W dimmer 
is also available. 

3 Toshiba’s IP dome camera is designed for schools and businesses. It has a 3-megapixel video resolution and four infrared LEDs for capturing images up to 25 ft. away in complete darkness. It delivers 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution and four simultaneous video streams. It is designed for outdoor use, including in rain and snow, and can be used in temperatures from 14–122°F. 

2 Aiphone’s GT series multitenant, color video, door entry system supports up to 500 tenant stations, 16 entrance panels and four security guard stations. It is ADA-compliant and features 170-degree pan, tilt and zoom cameras and built-in access code keypads for keyless entry. 

1 Advanced’s Axis AX modular command centers can be configured for master control or for multiple peer-to-peer command center control. Features include a fail-safe operation if loss of master command center occurs, fan and smoke controls, built-in telephone switchboard, mass notification and non-fire warning options, and more. 

E-conolight’s E-LL6 LED linear high-bay luminaire delivers 12,900 lumens at a 4,000K color temperature. It has a steel construction with a white finish. Six LED tubes and a chain-hanging mounting kit (with two wire form hangers and two 36-in. chains) are included. 

Burndy’s Handybug connector makes power or grounding connections, including split bolt connections, wire terminations, busbar connections and pipe connections. It is available in two sizes for cables from No. 10 AWG solid to No. 2 AWG solid or cables from No.2 AWG stranded to 1/0 AWG stranded.

Acclaim Lighting’s ART SSC 2 is a DMX controller designed for permanent installations and has two universes of DMX, Art-Net, sACN, PoE (Class I). Triggering options including TCP, UDP, OSC and GPI. It features an astronomical time clock that can trigger scenes based on specific locations. With its built-in DHCP, it can also assign IP addresses to multiple units on a network.