Safety Technology International’s STI-13310FR universal indoor/outdoor polycarbonate stopper helps protect devices such as dual-action pull stations, keypads, intercoms, emergency buttons, lighting switches and plugs. Clear with a red message hood, remote contact and enclosed flush back box with sealed or open mounting plate, and it is comes with or without a horn housing or message hood. It fits over wall-mounted electrical boxes. The gasket is useful when mounting on an uneven surface.

Retrofit Lighting Panel

WattStopper’s relay panel retrofit solution has capabilities of the digital lighting management technology platform, including wireless building-to-building connectivity. It leverages existing line voltage relays, power supplies, wiring and low-voltage switches. Options include integrating analog or specialty occupancy sensors, wireless connection of remote panel networks or outdoor lighting, and native BACnet integration. 


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STANLEY Security’s 40H mortise lock has a BEST 40H visual indicator thumb-turn option for use in an emergency or lockdown event. It enables users to lock rooms from the interior side of the door. It has bold, color-coded “secured” (red) and “unsecured” (green) visual indication to ensure that the door has been locked. The thumb-turn is nonhanded.


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E2S Warning Signals’ flameproof BExBG15 xenon beacon is designed for general signalling duties and has automatic synchronization on multibeacon systems and stainless steel guard and mounting bracket. The enclosure is corrosion-proof, marine-grade LM6 aluminium. It has two M20 cable entries, large termination areas containing in and out terminals, and an ingress protection.

Wireless Range Extender

TP-LINK’s TL-WPA4220KIT wireless range extender kit uses Powerline and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi technology to spread connectivity in any home or office. It includes two powerline adapters, the TL-PA4010 and the TL-WPA4220. The first connects to a router and feeds network connection through existing electrical circuitry at the rate of 500 Mbps and the latter broadcasts that connection as a 300 Mbps Wi-Fi signal while providing two Ethernet ports for concurrent wired connectivity. Together, they provide network coverage anywhere on up to 1,000 ft. of electrical circuitry. 

Fire Radio

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1 fire radio—Honeywell’s iGSMCFP4G commercial fire radio meets NFPA 72 2013 requirements for 60-minute supervision and can function as the sole path of alarm-signal transport. It sends Contact ID messages from a Honeywell VISTA fire alarm control panel. It uses the Internet as a primary communications path and GSM as a backup. 


5 Camera Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s DINION IP imager 9000 HD camera is designed for perimeter protection and surveillance. It is rugged and has built-in active infrared lighting. The intelligent auto-exposure feature automatically adjusts settings to increase the dynamic range of the camera. The built-in active infrared lighting enables the camera to detect objects in complete darkness up to 120 m away.


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4 boXes—Legrand’s Wiremold recessed and flush-style floor boxes meet and often exceed UL fire classification requirements for a two-hour floor rating. Available in single- and multiple-gang versions in steel and nonmetallic fabrications, they provide power, communication and audio/video services into open spaces. They accept existing cover plates and service fittings. The conduit stubs extend downward, penetrating the steel decking into the space below. The stems of steel floor boxes contain ­intumescent fire-stop material.