William M. Mazer

Articles by William M. Mazer

October 2002
In June 1978, at a South Carolina resort, a young woman wearing only a bathing suit was observed in the early evening stepping into an illuminated water fountain. The fountain was circular with a diameter of 16 feet and a maximum depth in the center of about one foot. She suddenly collapsed and was unable to stand up. READ MORE
August 2002
In August 1979, late in the morning, lightning struck the antenna and communications center of a police station in central Florida––a high lightning-incidence state. Pieces of communications equipment and telephones were damaged, and several workers in the communications room were injured. READ MORE
June 2002
A laborer received major blunt force and lacerating injuries in the early morning of March 29, 1974, when he fell through a hole in the second floor of an unfinished room in a federal building under construction in Washington, D.C. This room faces Third Street North West, in a roughly westerly direction. READ MORE
April 2002
In 1993, a homeowner in Pennsylvania was standing on a ladder preparing to paint the fascia of his house just below the roof. His right hand, holding a wire brush with a metal scraper at the end of the handle, contacted an uninsulated clamp that spliced a 120-volt service drop conductor of a triplex cable to a conductor of the house’s service entrance cable. READ MORE
February 2002
Electrical contractors are now often required to be familiar with not only the National Electrical Code (NEC), which applies to service installations, and equipment and appliances in occupancies, but also with the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) provisions, which apply to electrical supply lines and substations. READ MORE