William J. Lynott

Freelance Writer

William J. Lynott, a former management consultant and corporate executive, writes on business and financial topics for a variety of consumer and trade publications. Contact him at lynott@verizon.net or www.blynott.com.

Articles by William J. Lynott

August 2007
If the stock market makes you nervous with its volatile ups and downs, you may want to take a good look at a more conservative alternative to stocks—municipal bonds. Mention tax-free municipals to some investors and you will be greeted with a big yawn. Munis, as they are called, are widely regarded as too conservative for aggressive investors looking for big capital gains. READ MORE
May 2007
And how you can avoid them Life as a small electrical contractor means dealing with a full measure of challenging decisions, any one of which can have a negative impact on your operation. Even if you have a trusted and experienced support person or group, the weight of the final decision rests squarely on your shoulders. READ MORE