William J. Ferguson

Freelance Writer

William J. Ferguson is a partner in the Boston law office of McCarter & English, LLP. He is a former electrical contractor with a national practice in construction law. Contact him at wferguson@mccarter.com or 617.449.6561.

Articles by William J. Ferguson

September 2007
Even under optimal circumstances, it is difficult to control risk in the construction industry. Owners have certain advantages because they control the purse strings and often can obtain performance security in the form of surety bonds, letters of credit, guarantees or other protections. READ MORE
May 2007
In a joint venture, the combined result is greater than the sum of individual efforts A joint venture is an association of two or more people or entities to carry out a business enterprise for profit. The participants are known as the joint venturers. READ MORE
January 2007
Protect your right to get paid: READ MORE