Wayne D. Moore

Fire/Life Safety Columnist and Freelance Writer

MOORE, a licensed fire protection engineer, frequent speaker and an expert in the life safety field, is a principal member and past chair of NFPA 72, Chapter 24. Moore is a vice president with JENSEN HUGHES at the Warwick, R.I., office. He can be reached at wmoore@jensenhughes.com.

Articles by Wayne D. Moore

March 2006
“We can’t occupy our building?” This is not a question that an experienced electrician wants to hear. But, I am sure many of you have heard that question directly or worked for a project manager who has. All too often I have seen a highly competent electrical team plan its electrical installation in clear and concise detail but perform the fire alarm system installation the “old” way. READ MORE
February 2006
I enjoy working in the field. Providing construction oversight services for our clients gives me the opportunity to see the results of our designs and evaluate whether the contractors clearly understood our specifications. At other times, I assist the owner as a liaison between the contractors and the code-enforcement officials during the final approval stages of a project. READ MORE
February 2006
Sept. 11, 2001, changed our lives forever. Since then, we have experienced additional security measures in all areas of our lives. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, “Private-sector preparedness is not a luxury; it is a cost of doing business in the post-9/11 world. READ MORE
January 2006
“I always do class A work!” That was the answer I got when I asked the fire alarm system contractor whether or not he had wired the system in a Class A fashion. Although he was attempting to mechanically install the system in a quality—or using his term, “Class A”—fashion, the answer didn’t specifically ensure that it was done that way, making his response the wrong answer. READ MORE
December 2005
Many professional contractors called to provide a fire alarm system in either a new or existing building have heard the owner exclaim, “I just want to meet code!” Most building owners (especially those not knowledgeable in the code process) have made the assumption that if they instruct you to “just meet code,” they will not pay a lot of money for their fire alarm system. READ MORE
November 2005
In the chaos of finishing a large electrical project on time, it can be difficult to focus on commissioning the fire alarm system. This helps ensure the reliability of the system “after installation by identifying problems and providing a baseline of values for comparison with subsequent tests,” according to the Department of the Army Technical Manual. READ MORE
October 2005
The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts a 23 percent increase in new job opportunities for electricians by 2012. Assuming you have the skill level of an apprentice, journeyman or master electrician and you desire to work at keeping your competency at an acceptable standard, you should not have to worry about job placement over the next seven years. READ MORE
September 2005
Professional contractors normally develop their marketing expertise with their technical expertise. Typically, a contractor’s marketing experience comes from observation of successful marketing techniques. This works well for the contractor’s base market of electrical contracting, but what about growing other niche markets like fire alarm system installations? READ MORE
August 2005
The Technical Committees that oversee the development of the National Fire Alarm Code, NFPA 72-2006, have started the cycle for processing proposed changes. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published its “Report on Proposals.” This document contains approximately 650 proposals that relate to suggested changes to the next edition of the code. READ MORE