Wayne D. Moore

Fire/Life Safety Columnist and Freelance Writer

MOORE, a licensed fire protection engineer, frequent speaker and an expert in the life safety field, is a principal member and past chair of NFPA 72, Chapter 24. Moore is a vice president with JENSEN HUGHES at the Warwick, R.I., office. He can be reached at wmoore@jensenhughes.com.

Articles by Wayne D. Moore

July 2008
In many states, laws exist that allow the electrical contractor to design fire alarm systems for projects he is selling and installing for a customer. When you decide to perform the fire alarm system design portion of a project, you should be familiar with the detector coverage requirements of the National Fire Alarm Code and the requirements of your locally adopted building and fire codes. READ MORE
July 2008
Elecrical contractors become very comfortable having someone looking over their shoulder to judge their work. Most of the time, the electrical inspector fills the role of judge. Many electrical inspectors were once licensed electricians. READ MORE
June 2008
Heat detectors are used for property protection and for efficiently protecting small and medium-sized spaces. READ MORE
June 2008
As you read the question above, you may think, “How can this make sense? What do you mean ‘a new class of electrician?’ And, as a business owner, why do I care? How does this affect me?” READ MORE
June 2008
As most contractors know, installing fire alarm systems is a code-driven business. One would think the requirements for fire alarm system installations are the same for all commercial and government buildings. While that may be the case for some government buildings, it certainly is not universal. READ MORE
May 2008
The National Fire Alarm Code does not require anyone to install a fire alarm system. That statement sometimes surprises contractors who have been told by a fire official to install a fire alarm system in accordance with NFPA 72. In fact, the requirement for a fire alarm system in a new building comes from the building code in force in the jurisdiction. READ MORE
May 2008
Sometimes we get so caught up in running an electrical business and trying to make ends meet that we forget the importance of planning. It is important to take the time to evaluate your business and decide which areas need improvement and where new business can be developed. READ MORE
April 2008
Any contractor who has worked in healthcare environments knows the systems installation—whether electrical, fire alarm or security—poses many unique challenges. As an electrical contractor, you deal with the National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) on a fairly regular basis. READ MORE
March 2008
We appear to be entering a slow construction period. Those of us in the field have experienced these slow periods before, and we know that professional electrical contractors who plan for these slowdowns prosper through them. READ MORE