Wayne D. Moore

Fire/Life Safety Columnist and Freelance Writer

MOORE, a licensed fire protection engineer, frequent speaker and an expert in the life safety field, is a principal member and past chair of NFPA 72, Chapter 24. Moore is a vice president with JENSEN HUGHES at the Warwick, R.I., office. He can be reached at wmoore@jensenhughes.com.

Articles by Wayne D. Moore

March 2009
During the 2008 presidential election, we heard a lot about the need for change. Over the last few months, we all experienced change of a different nature, a kind none of us wanted. Our faith in those who ran or are running large financial and industrial institutions has dropped to new lows. READ MORE
February 2009
The calls vary, but all have a similar theme: “My fire alarm system needs work. Can you help?” Of course, the answer is always yes. But professional contractors know they must make a thorough investigation of the installed system before determining the scope of the work. READ MORE
February 2009
President George W Bush signed the Higher Education Opportunity Act on August 14, 2008. This bill contains several important campus-safety components, including the core provisions of the original Campus Fire Safety Right-to-Know Act. The law will require colleges to report fire safety information to the U.S. Department of Education. Specific reporting details include the following: READ MORE
January 2009
Although the origin of the phrase “May you live in interesting times” is uncertain, the times in which we are living are interesting. They also are challenging for many contractors, especially those who were “too busy” to diversify or learn more about specialty systems, such as fire alarm systems installations. READ MORE
December 2008
Consider the fable about crying wolf. False alarms have the same effect in reducing the credibility of alarms. Individual experiences with home smoke alarms that keep going off from cooking develops a negative culture of response to real emergencies. This negative response culture is exacerbated when occupants experience a false alarm in a commercial building and are never told the cause. READ MORE
December 2008
A trip to the local mall can be an all-day event, depending on how many family members participate in the shopping spree. And the closer the shopping event is to a holiday, the better the chances are that the mall will be crowded. Designing, installing and maintaining a fire alarm system in retail occupancies, such as a mall, can be a much bigger challenge than simply shopping at one. READ MORE
December 2008
Although we have all heard, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” we find that the small stuff really matters as we build our businesses. Part of the issue depends on who defines what constitutes the “small stuff.” READ MORE
November 2008
Every day, we encounter both good and bad customer service. If you fly at all, you already know that most airlines have forgotten what the words “customer service” mean. You are met by a surly gate agent who is upset about having to assist you. You board the plane and are greeted by a flight attendant who is disgruntled because the company keeps reducing benefits and salaries. READ MORE
October 2008
Hospitality venues, such as casinos, resorts and gaming facilities, present interesting challenges to contractors that provide life safety and security systems. The owner’s fire protection and security goals for these establishments always include providing a facility in which occupants feel safe and secure. READ MORE