W. Creighton Schwan

Former Code Columnist

W. Creighton Schwan was a long-time contributor to ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine and an important figure in the electrical code world. His first article written for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR was published in January 1980 issue. He wrote a total of 326 articles.

On December 16, 2006, Creigton died of a form of leukemia. He was at home with his family. For more, see this article.

Articles by W. Creighton Schwan

February 2007
So I finished pulling a three-phrase feeder to a power panel, No. READ MORE
January 2007
Improvisation without Code violation: READ MORE
November 2006
Adequacy of reducing washers questioned When removing concentric or eccentric knockouts from a sheet-metal enclosure, it sometimes happens that a larger size than desired comes out or the only available knockout is larger than needed. This is where reducing washers, one inside the enclosure and one outside, fit the bill. READ MORE
October 2006
The gray area of electrical outlet installation Several problems arise when installing an outlet box on the exterior of a building. If the box is flush, then it is entirely within the building, is not in a wet location and simply requires a weatherproof cover for a 15 or 20A, 125 or 250V receptacle. READ MORE
September 2006
The disconnect placement as required by the NEC VARYING REQUIREMENTS EXIST for the fire pump disconnect location, depending on the safety objective. READ MORE
December 2004
Isolated ground receptacles are installed for the purpose of reducing electromagnetic interference on the grounded conductor. The insulated grounding conductor run with the circuit conductors and feeding the receptacle may pass through intervening panelboards without being terminated at the equipment grounding terminal bar. READ MORE
November 2004
The required placement of receptacles in the wall above a kitchen countertop is uncertain where an appliance garage is present. The Code requirements are the following: “210.52 Dwelling Unit Receptacle Outlets. (C) Countertops (1) Wall Counter Spaces. A receptacle outlet shall be installed at each wall counter space that is 300 mm (12 in.) or wider. READ MORE
October 2004
NEC’s conditional requirements have evolved There are several conditions under which the National Electrical Code requires or permits conductors to be identified by the color of their insulation. READ MORE
September 2004
Consider a typical 120/240V single-phase service with a separate cast meter socket and a rigid steel conduit nipple connecting the meter socket to the service equipment enclosure. The meter socket, the nipple and the service-equipment enclosure are required by 250.92(A)(1) and (2) to be grounded through the methods in 250.92(B), including bonding to the grounded conductor of the service. READ MORE