Timothy R. Hughes

Freelance Writer

Timothy R. Hughes, Esq., LEED AP, is a shareholder in the law firm of Bean, Kinney & Korman, P.C. in Arlington Virginia. A construction, real estate and business attorney, he was recognized as a "Leader in the Law" in 2010 by Virginia Lawyer's Weekly and as a member of the "Legal Elite" for Construction Law by Virginia Business Magazine. A former chair of the Construction Law and Public Contracts Section of the Virginia State Bar, he is the Lead Editor of the firm's Virginia Real Estate, Land Use and Construction Law Blog. He may be reached at 703.525.4000 or thughes@beankinney.com.

Articles by Timothy R. Hughes

June 2010
Even in the face of an extremely challenging economy, green building continues to generate interest and, in some geographic areas, economic activity. Interest in green building remains high. READ MORE
June 2009
The "greening of America” is taking on a different meaning than in 1970, when Charles Reich first published his book of that title. Jurisdictions throughout the country are grappling with efforts to reduce negative impacts of our built environment. Membership in the U.S. Green Building Council is skyrocketing. READ MORE
February 2009
Mold litigation has occasionally been described as the next asbestos by some impressed by the potential widespread claims and potential personal injury-related damages. Other commentators have pointed to hurdles faced by plaintiffs in getting medical testimony in front of juries. READ MORE
December 2008
My law firm recently defended a title company and its settlement agent in a case involving allegations of predatory lending. It emphasized a few important points. First, written contracts matter. Second, they matter perhaps far more than individuals understand. Third, written contracts can matter more than the discussions among the parties. READ MORE
August 2007
Many subcontractors do not know exactly what they are purchasing when they procure insurance. It is critical for contractors to understand what their insurance covers. This knowledge is pivotal to evaluating the ultimate risks and liabilities to your business as well. Workers’ compensation insurance READ MORE
February 2007
Learn from sample case: A recent case translated to a series of decisions in favor of our client, and it may be helpful to electrical subcontractors raising payment bond claims; the case showed issue types that often appear in litigation and can dramatically impact whether you recover and what your damages are. READ MORE
October 2006
Protect your ability to enforce payment After several years of an overheated construction market, signs of slowing are starting to appear. Interest rates have jumped. Housing starts are down. Major homebuilders report cooling of revenues or dropping earnings. Some of these trends are mirrored in the commercial markets. READ MORE
June 2004
Examine the answers carefully Government contracting involves a litany of legal theories, damages issues and complex analytical problems. Rather than delving into the morass of legal complexity presented in government contracting cases, here are three common-sense questions that come up repeatedly in these types of cases. Who is the “owner”? READ MORE
April 2004
Contractors need to develop highly specialized knowledge Healthcare facilities present the potential for financial gain for properly qualified electrical contractors. These projects also present a downside of risk of increased liability due to the nature of the projects and potential damages. READ MORE