Timothy Johnson

Senior Associate Editor

Timothy Johnson is editor—digital for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. Reach him at timothy.johnson@necanet.org

Articles by Timothy Johnson

October 2016
On October 25, Google announced it would "pause" development of Google Fiber. In addition, the division’s CEO, Craig Barratt, resigned, and the division was rumored to be laying off about 9 percent of its staff. READ MORE
September 2016
If you read our magazine, you're probably an electrical contractor, and if you're an electrical contractor, you've probably heard about the annual NECA Trade Show and Convention. READ MORE
September 2016
Information technology and automation have converted construction project estimating from an arcane and sometimes mysterious art to an art-and-science process that can be standardized (individually, for each company) and reliably repeated. READ MORE
August 2016
Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen you grow into a social being, a mature individual with your own strengths who is willing to contribute to a team in a collaborative environment where the sum is greater than its parts. We’ve seen you branch out and integrate into markets you maybe never dreamed you’d participate in. READ MORE
July 2016
Have you heard the joke about the pollster soliciting opinions outside the United Nations? It’s funny, but we’re not going to tell it here. We’re also not going to discuss political polling. We’re here to talk about you and what you’re working on. READ MORE
June 2016
In April, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR was at Lightfair, the biggest convention of lighting companies and innovators. Lighting is a dynamic industry, and the way in which it is integrating with building systems and technologies indicates a greater trend. In this way, we can look to lighting as a trailblazer for other systems in the electrical market at large. READ MORE
June 2016
While the magazine’s headquarters are in Bethesda, md., ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR can’t cover a national industry without getting out to various locales for trade shows and conventions. They are some of our best resources for learning what’s going on, so we can pass that knowledge on to you. READ MORE
May 2016
Superhero movies are all the rage these days, as comic book companies find new life on TV and in cinema. They have never been so popular (or profitable). According to RAM Tracking, a GPS fleet tracking company based in Leeds, United Kingdom, one fan used the company’s software to paint his favorite superhero logos. His canvas? A map of London. READ MORE
  • Photo by Iskulikov, Wikimedia Commons
May 2016
In case you missed it, a small mammal, now known to be a beech marten, chewed through some electrical wiring at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC), causing the world’s largest particle accelerator to shut down operations. READ MORE