Timothy Johnson

Senior Associate Editor

Timothy Johnson is editor—digital for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine. Reach him at timothy.johnson@necanet.org

Articles by Timothy Johnson

January 2012
Tragedy is often an unforgiving teacher. In the university environment, it is the kind of lesson no one wants to learn. READ MORE
December 2011
Certain aspects of an energy-efficient future hinge on facility owners’ compliance and proactivity with their habits and devices, such as smart meters. However, some experts find it hard to make their case with such an indefinite variable as people who mean well but may lack the knowledge to do their part. READ MORE
December 2011
Whether California’s nickname refers to its plentiful sunshine or the pursuit of riches, the Golden State provided an appropriate venue for the National Electrical Contractors Association’s (NECA) first Energy Forum. On Saturday, Oct. READ MORE
November 2011
The holiday season is supposed to be a time of good cheer. American culture has evolved to embrace the closing of each year as a celebration of the values we each hold dear. It's evident in the environments we create. The holiday season prompts many to bring out the decorative lighting, which gets the average consumer to mingle with safety hazards that electrical contractors deal with every day. READ MORE
September 2011
In late July, utilities across the country issued notices to their customers, pleading with them to minimize energy use during the projected heat wave—a prolonged period in which every state in the country broke heat records. As the temperatures soared, Midwestern and Eastern utilities recorded record peaks in power generation, once again testing the stability of the electric grid. READ MORE
September 2011
It’s a generally accepted belief that people tend to be wary of things that are unfamiliar to them, so it would make sense this behavior would extend to the smart grid and smart meters, a relatively new trend in an industry on which most consumers are not educated. A new study found people who aren’t familiar with the smart grid and smart meters tend to like the concepts when informed. READ MORE
September 2011
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published a report that promised to shake up the broadband world. To some extent, the report, “Measuring Broadband America,” provided results that weren’t very surprising but still good to see on paper. For example, the survey investigated broadband service by technology and found fiber optics provided the best results for both bandwidth and latency. READ MORE
August 2011
The House of Representatives voted on a repeal of the so-called “bulb ban” on July 12, 2011, but failed to reach its needed two-thirds majority, concluding with 233 members in favor of the repeal and 193 against it. READ MORE
August 2011
It's no secret that the business world is infiltrating social media, as many companies are finding an effective method of reaching customers in Facebook, Twitter and others. In the electrical industry, it’s helping to spread the word on myriad issues. The greatest benefit is that organizations are able to reach their audience by topic of interest. READ MORE