Thomas E. Glavinich

Freelance Writer

Thomas E. Glavinich was an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas. His tenure as one of Electrical Contractor's most trusted and reliable source of industry research ended in 2014 when he passed away. Click here for more about Tom.

Articles by Thomas E. Glavinich

July 2005
Performing a preliminary design for a photovoltaic (PV) system is the first step in deciding how to effectively incorporate PV technology into a new or existing building. The design should generate a number of technically feasible PV alternatives for a new building under design or an existing building that will be retrofitted with PV technology. READ MORE
July 2005
Advances in Photovoltaic (PV) materials and manufacturing processes are resulting in increased interest in the application of PV technology in buildings. To be directly competitive with conventional utility-delivered electric power, PV technologies need to have a low installation cost and a high solar conversion efficiency that is stable over the life of the installation. READ MORE
June 2005
The surface of the earth receives a tremendous amount of energy from the sun. It is estimated that the amount of solar energy that strikes the earth's surface daily is greater than the amount of energy used worldwide in 25 years. READ MORE
May 2005
Photovoltaic (PV) modules convert sunlight directly into electrical energy. Integrating PV into a building will impact its operation. Not only will the PV system produce electric energy to serve building loads but it can also reduce the building's electric demand and air-conditioning heat load. This article will discuss the impact that PV can have on building operation. READ MORE
April 2005
The installation of photovoltaic (PV) equipment is governed by a number of industry codes and standards. Electrical contractors need to be aware of the codes and standards to ensure a safe and functional PV installation. This article will briefly discuss the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements as well as The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. READ MORE
March 2005
The most focused on and visible part of a photovoltaic (PV) installation is the technology used. PV technology usually takes the form of rigid PV panels mounted on a building's roof, which represents another independent building system that needs to be installed. READ MORE
February 2005
There are a number of photovoltaic (PV) technologies available for converting sunlight into electrical energy. For building applications, technologies that are commercially available are predominately silicon-based and can be categorized as either crystalline silicon or thin film. Each has different operating characteristics, conversion efficiencies and costs. READ MORE
January 2005
Photovoltaics (PV) are semiconductors that convert sunlight directly to direct-current (DC) electric power. Photovoltaic technology has been used for years in specific applications where conventional utility service is not readily available or practical. READ MORE
December 2004
The capabilities and availability of information technology (IT) are increasing rapidly for the electrical contracting firm. New IT products and services that promise to improve efficiency and increase profits are introduced daily. These include Web-enabled cell phones, high-speed satellite Internet service at project sites and many others. READ MORE