Thomas E. Glavinich

Freelance Writer

Thomas E. Glavinich was an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas. His tenure as one of Electrical Contractor's most trusted and reliable source of industry research ended in 2014 when he passed away. Click here for more about Tom.

Articles by Thomas E. Glavinich

January 2012
The electrical contractor’s energy services goal should be to develop a comprehensive plan to help its customers identify and achieve their electricity-reduction and sustainability goals. The development and execution of this plan can be distilled down to an 11-step energy services project-delivery process. READ MORE
December 2011
Since most lighting upgrade projects are undertaken by the electrical contracting firm in design/build projects, it is important to establish measurable performance criteria for lighting upgrades. READ MORE
November 2011
Last month, I wrote about marketing lighting system upgrades based on predicted energy savings. It is the preferred method for convincing a customer to undertake a lighting upgrade project because the savings can be easily demonstrated, and the return on investment is relatively risk-free and can be high. READ MORE
October 2011
Lighting represents a substantial portion of the annual energy use and expense of any commercial building despite building owner and occupant energy -conservation and efficiency efforts. According to the U.S. READ MORE
September 2011
The fourth pillar of the electrical contractor’s energy services business is energy reliability, which ensures your customer has the right quantity and quality of electrical energy when it is needed. Energy reliability complements the other three pillars by addressing the customer’s need to not only reduce expenses but have a strategy for reliably meeting his or her energy needs. READ MORE
August 2011
My last two columns introduced the first two pillars of the electrical contractor’s energy services business: conservation and efficiency. This column discusses the third pillar: energy production, which involves helping the customer reduce its recurring utility energy expenses. READ MORE
July 2011
The four pillars of an electrical contractor’s energy service business are energy conservation, efficiency, production and reliability. I discussed energy conservation in last month’s column. To recap, this pillar addresses reducing energy use by modifying building occupant behavior and by installing controls, such as occupancy sensors. READ MORE
June 2011
One of the biggest hurdles electrical contractors must jump when marketing their energy services is owners’ concerns about the initial investment they must make in order to reap the savings from a project. READ MORE
June 2011
As I mentioned in last month’s column, energy conservation is one of the four pillars of the electrical contractor’s energy services business. The other three pillars are energy efficiency, energy production and energy quality. This column discusses the various aspects of energy conservation, and future columns will address the other three pillars. READ MORE