Thomas E. Glavinich

Freelance Writer

Thomas E. Glavinich was an associate professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering at the University of Kansas. His tenure as one of Electrical Contractor's most trusted and reliable source of industry research ended in 2014 when he passed away. Click here for more about Tom.

Articles by Thomas E. Glavinich

March 2003
Advances in technology have made the remote monitoring of commercial building systems both possible and economical. It wasn’t long ago that system control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems were only used by utilities and heavy industry because they were custom systems and very expensive to implement and maintain. READ MORE
January 2003
Copper cabling has provided a reliable, flexible and economical communications medium for decades. Starting with the analog telephone and continuing with today’s high-speed digital networks, copper cabling has been the medium of choice for much of the communications infrastructure installed in today’s residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. READ MORE
November 2002
Electrical contracting firms are no longer the "single-product" firms they once were. For most of the history of electrical construction, the electrical contracting firm's market has been traditional contract construction and its customer base, predominantly general contracting firms. READ MORE
October 2002
Information technology (IT) is being used increasingly throughout business to improve productivity and has the potential to do the same for electrical contractors. IT can increase effectiveness by improving communications and streamlining work. However, successful adoption is much more than the installation of the latest hardware and software. READ MORE
September 2002
The key to profitably pricing service work is knowing the true “street cost” of running your service department, which, simply put, is the cost incurred fulfilling your customers’ needs and expectations. The cost of providing service is more than the direct cost of labor and materials expended at the customer’s site during a service call. READ MORE
August 2002
Six Sigma is a program for improving manufacturing quality developed by Motorola in the mid-1980s and adopted and expanded by General Electric (GE) in the 1990s. Today, Six Sigma is being used by a variety of other well-known manufacturing firms as well as all types and sizes of service firms. READ MORE
July 2002
The ability to put work in place at the project site requires the right people, tools and production equipment, and materials and installed equipment. Not having either enough or the right type of any one of these three factors can result in lost efficiency at the job site or the delay of critical work for the company. READ MORE
June 2002
The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is awarded annually to recognize firms that have achieved overall excellence in leadership, organizational effectiveness, operations and business results. Congress authorized the award in 1987 through Public Law 100-107. The purpose of the MBNQA is to improve the performance and competitiveness of U.S. READ MORE
May 2002
Supply-chain management is proactive and involves the optimization of the flow of information, materials and payment between the supplier and the electrical contracting firm. The objective is to construct an integrated supply chain that uses supplier expertise, capabilities and technology in order to reduce costs and improve installation productivity. READ MORE