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Susan Casey, author of "Women Heroes of the American Revolution," "Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors," and "Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discoveries that have Changed Our World," can be reached at or

Articles by Susan M. Casey

July 2006
All construction sites need power in order to be built, and how they get it is what electrical contractors provide,” said Todd Stafford, senior director, National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (NJATC). READ MORE
June 2006
A growing fixture in today’s energy-dependent businesses, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) deliver a continuous stream of electric power, which counteracts the effect of potential shutdowns that may occur through an outage or blackout. Different degrees, or levels, of backup protection exist and can be improved upon, depending on the makeup and execution of your customer’s system. READ MORE
May 2006
An integrated building systems (IBS) approach combines different systems—electrical; security and camera systems; audio/video; heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC); and lighting—over the same networked system. In an IBS format, each system is interdependent; they function together in supplying and gathering information and distributing power. READ MORE
May 2006
“We’ll go out on an emergency call. The call could be after hours on a facility that needs to be up and running,” said Ed Santos, service manager, Morrow Meadows Corp., a company based in the Los Angeles area, whose clients include data centers and banks. “A hundred employees are there, but the facility can’t operate. READ MORE
April 2006
The residential lighting controls market is quickly catching on with contractors, due in part to the increasing inclusion of low-voltage wired control systems in new homes, legislation calling for additional energy savings that can be achieved with control systems, advances in wireless technology and the resulting decrease in control systems’ prices. READ MORE
February 2006
Electrical contractors depend on distributors, not only for access to products, but for service and expertise. “We typically purchase from distributors, and the ones that have the most knowledgeable people make it more efficient for us,” said Frank Miller Sr., project manager, Dynalectric, Los Angeles. “For example, we need to buy a lighting fixture specified for a job. READ MORE
January 2006
Daylighting and energy-efficient products are just two of today’s trends in the commerical lighting market. These are being driven by several forces, including restrictive energy regulation and research by institutions and companies. The most pervasive force—advances in technology—is making all the other changes possible. Many of the trends started in response to energy restrictions. READ MORE
November 2005
In today's market, many electrical contractors choose design-build as their project delivery method, and they have solid reasons for doing so. “Essentially you separate yourself from your competition,” said Jim Mackey, president of Evergreen Power Systems, Seattle. “Professionally, it's more satisfying because as an electrical contractor, you have another aspect to your business. READ MORE
September 2005
If you want to learn about lighting design, opportunities are plentiful and easily accessible. With the increasing demand for energy efficiency, organizations and companies focused on lighting and lighting products are offering tutorials, seminars and workshops open to electrical contractors and others. Many of the programs offer continuing education credits. READ MORE