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Susan Casey, author of "Women Heroes of the American Revolution," "Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors," and "Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discoveries that have Changed Our World," can be reached at or

Articles by Susan M. Casey

October 2008
Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Hey, Ben, add changes to the marketplace to that list. READ MORE
August 2008
San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences (CAS) pulled out all the stops to rebuild its Golden Gate Park facility. It won’t open until October 2008, but it already is the recipient of five major awards, including Top Overall Northern California Project by McGraw-Hill’s California Construction magazine. READ MORE
July 2008
The business model of manhy electrical contractors does not involve outside sales, leaving those contractors out of position to approach the residential solar business, according to Bernie Kottlier, director, Green Building Solutions, Los Angeles Labor Management Cooperative Community (LALMCC). READ MORE
May 2008
Electric heat often is more expensive than heat produced using combustion appliances, such as natural gas, propane and oil furnaces, due to electricity generation and transmission losses. But it has distinct advantages in certain situations, which may include cost benefits in both commercial and residential applications. READ MORE
April 2008
Hospital construction offers its own set of challenges including the difficulty of scheduling tasks in a facility that never closes, working in and around people who shouldn’t be disturbed and keeping facility disruptions to a minimum. READ MORE
December 2007
Should an electrical contractor hire a lighting designer? It depends on whom you ask. If you gather all the interested parties—owners, architects, electrical contractors, lighting designers, electrical engineers, distributors and manufacturers—in one room, you might have quite a discussion, if not an argument, on your hands. READ MORE
December 2007
On Sunday night, October 21, 2007, at about 7 pm, Tom Hedges could see the glow of the wildfires, coming over the mountains toward his home in Ramona, Calif., a rural, inland community of about 40,000 in northeast San Diego County. Hedges and his wife started gathering important papers, their eight cats and some valued possessions from a safe when the power went out. READ MORE
October 2007
Every year we take a look at what the various markets may have to offer us.  We break it down by commercial, industrial, biotech, medical, military, gaming and hospitality,” said Clark Thompson, president and chief executive officer, Neal Electric Inc., Poway, Calif. READ MORE
September 2007
If you are going to be in San Francisco, put Westfield San Francisco Centre on your list of things to see. Located between Market Street and Mission Street, between Fourth and Fifth streets, it’s only a few blocks from the Moscone Convention Center. READ MORE