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Susan Casey, author of "Women Heroes of the American Revolution," "Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors," and "Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discoveries that have Changed Our World," can be reached at or

Articles by Susan M. Casey

December 2012
“The new and emerging energy market is creating quite a buzz among ECs at conferences like Lightfair International with LED lighting at the center of the conversation,” said Steven Witz, vice president, Continental Electrical Construction Co., Oak Brook, Ill. READ MORE
November 2012
The June 29, 2012, derecho storm, which traveled from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic, knocked out power to almost 3.5 million customers, some for up to a week. Many people scurried out to purchase generators. While it’s certainly an inconvenience for homeowners to lose power, it’s not as critical as it is for a company that cannot afford downtime. READ MORE
August 2012
Across the country, electrical contractors currently are or will be garnering contracts to upgrade traffic signals—replacing the incandescent bulbs with light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. Take a few tips from one company that has successfully completed a major project of this type. READ MORE
March 2012
“If you’re not in the room, why are the lights on?” my mom used to ask. These days, numerous initiatives, regulations and codes echo her sentiments. Who can argue with Mom? The call is being made not just to save on the family’s electric bill but also that of the city, state and nation. READ MORE
December 2011
“The lights, they are a changing,” to tweak a line from Bob Dylan. Current lighting trends, which are driven by the call for energy efficiency and advances in technology, are signs of an industry in flux. For instance, light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures are improving and revolutionizing the marketplace. READ MORE
September 2011
Thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), signed on Feb. 17, 2009, by President Obama, $787 billion in federal stimulus funds went to state and local governments and military bases. In San Diego, which became a major hub of military and defense activity during World War II, the stimulus funds financed alternative-energy installations at many of its bases. READ MORE
June 2011
The solar-power industry faces many challenges, and not all of them are of the financial variety. For many of your customers, entering this unfamiliar territory can seem daunting and risky, which may be a burden on them. If you assume the role as their guide, you will find your business excelling in this growing industry. READ MORE
June 2011
“The first and most important part of a LEED project, or any project, is having a strong team working to achieve the goal. We were lucky to work on a project where the owner, Shearer’s Foods, was dedicated to achieve a Gold-level LEED certification,” said Richard W. READ MORE
December 2010
Since the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum Bilbao opened in the Spanish city in 1997, crowds of tourists have flocked there. Most say they come to see the museum, hailed as the most important structure of its time. And many stay to shop and eat, generating millions in revenue for the town. Could a museum designed by a top architecture firm bring throngs to any city? READ MORE