Stanimira Z. Stefanova

Articles by Stanimira Z. Stefanova

September 2003
North America received an earsplitting “wake-up call” last month when the biggest blackout in U.S. history darkened eight American states and two Canadian provinces, driving millions out in the streets and closing more than 100 power plants across the country. READ MORE
August 2003
Design/build has been with us for thousands of years––probably since the 15th-century Incas built their great empires in Peru. As meticulous workers who knew how to build structures that would last an eternity, they worked as a unified team to deliver impenetrable fortresses. Today, the state of design/build holds a firm grip as the project system delivery of choice for many customers. READ MORE
July 2003
I still remember the bewildered look on my nephew’s face after watching an episode of “The Flintstones.” Fred had been working at his quarry in Bedrock and sawing off a giant piece of stone with a live swordfish. His best friend, Barney Rubble, had been drilling a hole in the granite cylinder of his neighbor’s car with a stone spear. READ MORE
November 2002
Imagine being on summer vacation in Australia while it's mid-winter back home in Boston. Your neighbor has kindly agreed to feed your exotic fish while you're away for three weeks, and you know she'll be visiting every morning and evening. You log onto the Internet from your hotel and, in minutes, you program your New England home to respond to movement at 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. READ MORE