Stanimira Z. Stefanova

Articles by Stanimira Z. Stefanova

June 2004
After 9/11, our nation’s security was scheduled for an extreme makeover. The transformation is ongoing. With terrorist attacks threatening countries all over the world and Internet viruses slowing networks and causing major economic damage, now is the time for the federal government to be more alert than ever. READ MORE
June 2004
In the world of alternative power, “the next big thing” is really small—and you don’t want to miss it. People are racing to become part of a revolutionary craze that boasts the strong potential to change the way we live. READ MORE
May 2004
You have been hearing it for years—invest in safety and the money will come. There is a direct positive correlation. If you purposely risk the safety of employees to save a couple of bucks, you will probably lose much more in the long run. Why risk it? Workplace injuries are costly in human and financial terms, and keeping safety at the forefront of every job is now more important than ever. READ MORE
April 2004
Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating your home. It’s all about comfort and convenience. If you’re buying a new house and have the opportunity to create a “smart” home and can afford it, don’t miss out. Last month, a friend purchased a modern home in Washington, D.C., and invited me over for dinner. READ MORE
March 2004
It’s an exciting year for ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR magazine as we prepare to launch our survey for the next Contractor Profile. Two years ago, we published in-depth research that delivered some keen insight on how wireless technology and e-commerce were being embraced by the electrical contractor. READ MORE
February 2004
Over the past few months, many progressive contractors have told me that becoming increasingly involved in the Integrated Building Systems market has been one of their primary business goals––and it’s a step in the right direction. IBS is a unique field with specialized challenges and more contractors are discovering that installations in this area can be quite lucrative. READ MORE
January 2004
I generally choose to leave predictions of the future to “psychics” and tarot card readers. They rely on special powers of divination, and I give them credit for trying. After all, it’s a daunting task to predict the future of anything these days. So how can we foresee what’s next for an entire industry? READ MORE
December 2003
I’m fairly certain that we’ve only begun to tap the energy efficiency potential of this country. I often read news items that explain how XYZ organization saved millions of dollars by implementing an effective energy management program and it raises my hopes that people are being proactive and attempting to make a difference. READ MORE
October 2003
A flooded landscape strewn with debris was all that many could see last month as Hurricane Isabel hit the East Coast of the United States, leaving millions without power and blowing down 60-foot pine trees in many neighborhoods, including mine. Many people chose to remain indoors and rely on man-made structures to protect them against the temporary madness of Mother Nature outside. READ MORE