Scott T. Bingham

Freelance Writer

Scott Bingham is pursuing a master’s degree in engineering at Cornell University and can be reached at

Articles by Scott T. Bingham

June 2007
The truth about transient voltage surge suppressors A series of fatal fires recently have put transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) to the forefront of news again. It wasn’t necessarily the normal application of such devices that created hazards. READ MORE
May 2007
Surging power can cause serious injury, death READ MORE
November 2006
Phantom power produces dim lights during power outage During the heat wave that gripped the Northeast this past July, increased air conditioning use strained the electrical system. As a result, one phase wire of a residential pole-mounted transformer melted off at the splice between the distribution wire and the wire to the house service connections. This occurred around 6:30 p.m. READ MORE
October 2006
A true story of the not-so-well grounded The first part of power qualityis monitoring what is happening and determining why; the second part is finding a solution that eliminates the problem and doesn’t create a new one. Sometimes, the first part can be done even without a power quality monitor. The following photo essay is such a case. READ MORE