Russ Munyan

Freelance Writer

Russ Munyan is a freelance writer in Olathe, Kan., specializing in technical and business writing. He can be reached at

Articles by Russ Munyan

October 2007
The green theme that’s moving across the country is affecting the hospitality industry. There are private groups, such as the Green Hotels Association, and states, including California, Pennsylvania and Vermont, officially working to promote and reward hotels’ eco-friendly efforts. READ MORE
September 2007
Are you wondering how big and fast-growing the data center industry is? Ask yourself that question the next time you make a purchase with a charge or debit card. Or search the Internet. Or visit your bank (in person or online). Or see your doctor. Or the next time you do ... well ... almost anything. READ MORE
September 2007
Labor Day and the end of summer bring changes every year in the Midwest … the colors and fragrance of fall, students returning to school, and, for many communities, the end of swimming fun and exercise. But for the community of Rocky River, Ohio, the change this year is that there will not be a change in continued access to a community aquatics center. READ MORE
July 2007
LEED Green Building Rating System… California Title 24… ASHRAE 90.1... Not only is the building industry learning a new vocabulary, but the green revolution is creating a complete new set of expectations, standards, regulations, codes, and, in short, a new way of doing things for electrical contractors. READ MORE
June 2007
Managing business communications in the 21st century READ MORE
June 2007
Remember the early days of networking and Ethernet cabling? Many of us stood in awe in the 1980s as we struggled to wrap our minds around the notion of personal computers talking to each other and sharing files at a staggering rate of 10 megabits per second. READ MORE
June 2007
Imagine the state of the country during the Cold War in the 1950s. As that never-fought conflict was warming up early in the decade, U.S. military leaders feared a possible attack on North America by enemy bombers. In response, the U.S. Air Force began opening air bases in the northern United States. READ MORE
April 2007
Benefits continue to follow product: READ MORE
April 2007
Multi-year expansion of medical facility: READ MORE