Russ Munyan

Freelance Writer

Russ Munyan is a freelance writer in Olathe, Kan., specializing in technical and business writing. He can be reached at

Articles by Russ Munyan

January 2009
Low-voltage contractors who are keeping abreast of developments in their industry know wireless technology is in the process of moving to its next generation of wireless access, which will be defined by the IEEE standard 802.11n. Of course, wireless access is not new, but 802.11n promises to bring new technologies to network users that will result in significantly increased functionality. READ MORE
December 2008
The first time I ever pulled a telecommunications cable, it was across a warehouse ceiling where my employer needed a temporary office in the far corner. However, the company’s IT consultant had failed to explain to me things such as bend radius and pulling limitations. READ MORE
November 2008
Goldilocks knew how to get it right. She knew too big when she saw it, and she could tell when too small just was not enough. Most importantly, she understood the concept that something could be just right. READ MORE
November 2008
In the world of telecommunications infrastructure, rack mount cable management is a bit like a pit crew’s tool chest in NASCAR racing. NASCAR is about speed, the driver and the cars—so tool chests get very little glory. READ MORE
November 2008
Phishing, pharming, hacking and malware are all terms most electrical or low-voltage contractors know a little about. Contractors at least know the damage such computer threats can do to their clients. READ MORE
October 2008
A largely untapped security opportunity has emerged for low-voltage electrical contractors: fiber optics on perimeter fences. This relatively small field could provide new growth opportunities for low-voltage electrical contractors who already perform fiber optic work, because it uses tools and skills that contractors already possess. READ MORE
September 2008
Be your own boss. Own your own business. Control your own destiny. Many people have grown up believing in that American dream, which is undoubtedly part of why there were about 650,000 new small businesses launched in America in 2007, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). READ MORE
September 2008
Anyone who has spent time in the world of telecommunications cabling has seen the “spaghetti mess.” Competent cabling contractors build high-quality and well-installed networks consistent with industry management standards. But then entropy attacks, and disorganization conquers, transforming well-constructed telecommunications rooms into disheveled and disorganized messes. READ MORE
August 2008
Every contractor wants to form a no-bid relationship with each client and never have to bid for work again. But, of course, even if that were to happen, most contractors would simply build on that success and grow their businesses further, which would mean bidding for new work with new clients. Therefore, the low-bid process of winning work will exist as long as there are competing companies. READ MORE