Russ Munyan

Freelance Writer

Russ Munyan is a freelance writer in Olathe, Kan., specializing in technical and business writing. He can be reached at

Articles by Russ Munyan

October 2009
In some ways, there is no difference between small and large contractors. Each one earns its own reputation based on its quality of work and customer service. That reputation, in turn, determines today’s success and tomorrow’s viability. And yet there are major differences. READ MORE
September 2009
The world of security in museums, archives and repositories is one of contradictions, said Ann A. Fortescue, director of Education and Visitor Services at Pittsburgh’s Senator John Heinz History Center. “Our job is to both protect our collections from, as well as to reveal them to, our visitors. READ MORE
August 2009
Twisted-pair cable is the stuff of legends. Developed in the 1970s, it is unlikely that anyone at that time could have imagined the technological, industrial or societal impact it would have. Through the 1980s, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) published multiple Ethernet standards. READ MORE
June 2009
While President Obama does not claim to have invented the Internet, he wants his administration to be responsible for making it accessible and affordable for all Americans. READ MORE
June 2009
A branch manager for an experienced cabling contractor with whom I have worked for years is known to get a special glimmer in his eye when he discovers extensive fiber optic cable in a project that he is bidding. READ MORE
May 2009
The good news is that the electrical current through low-voltage cabling—such as telecommunications, security or video—is not strong enough to cause a fatal electric shock. The bad news is there still are very real safety risks when performing low-voltage installations. READ MORE
April 2009
The life cycle of power over Ethernet (POE) technology may prove to be remarkably similar to wireless technology. READ MORE
February 2009
If you ask people in the construction industry to list what they like about their work, a common answer is that each project is different. That was definitely the case for the Premier Electrical Services LLC crew that worked on the Bothell High School project in Bothell, Wash. READ MORE
February 2009
Since the Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard was finalized in late 2003, there has not been a better time for facility owners to embrace it. And there is, perhaps, no group better suited to introduce and implement it than electrical contractors (ECs). READ MORE