Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

January 2010
With all this talk about the coming of the smart grid, it seems like a good idea to review what currently delivers the electrons to your door. The majority of electricity is generated and delivered in the form of alternating current (AC) rather than direct current (DC), thanks to Westinghouse winning out over Edison in the War of the Currents in the late 1880s. READ MORE
December 2009
In the September issue, I discussed some of the claims that various organizations working on the smart grid have made in the two years since the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 passed. The act contained Title XIII, which has 10 characterizations of a smart grid. (Note: Part 1 appeared in Security + Life Safety Systems. Find it here.) READ MORE
November 2009
Recently, I needed to dig up a paper I wrote more than a decade ago for a conference in the United Kingdom. Part of the paper was devoted to expert systems that were beginning to gain momentum as a possible way to solve power quality problems, rather than just provide more data or information. READ MORE
October 2009
Much of the renewed focus on energy conservation and going green has been on what to do at home and in the workplace. But how about the places where people go to relax and play—resorts and other vacations spots? Are they becoming more green? READ MORE
October 2009
My past two columns covered monitoring from the service entrance and down into the facility to record what happened and to determine what caused it. At last, we get down to probably the most important aspect: monitoring at a load to determine why it is not operating properly. READ MORE
September 2009
Last month, we covered the processes of site power quality (PQ) benchmark or compliance audits and facilitywide energy surveys. Let’s go back to the original usage of PQ monitors and what they were designed to do: troubleshoot possible PQ-related problems that result in process interruptions, whether they shut down a single PC, a paint-spray booth or an entire production line. READ MORE
September 2009
Recently, while serving on a panel session at the Power Quality and Reliability conference, a member of the audience chastised me for “not educating us on what this smart grid stuff is really all about.” It seemed like a reasonable challenge, especially given that I am a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Power & Energy Society (PES)Intelligent Grid Coordin READ MORE
August 2009
There was a sign at my college job: “Engage brain before opening mouth,” which is similar to what my parents would often say: “Think before you speak.” The same basic concept applies before you take a power quality monitor into the field, connect it up and collect gigabytes of data. READ MORE
July 2009
Most facilities have a hidden source of cash within their walls. People working in the energy-reduction field know that usually at least a 10 percent savings in energy can be achieved with a payback measured in less than two years, and often right in next month’s utility bill. Some facilities have achieved more than 50 percent savings, while others strive for the net-zero goal. READ MORE