Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

September 2005
When sport teams begin their training camps, they usually start with a return to the basics. For football, it is blocking and tackling. READ MORE
August 2005
As the summer approaches, so does the lightning season. Lightning is one of the sources of power quality phenomena, which can manifest as high frequency transients and/or rms variations, including sags and interruptions, depending on where the lightning strikes and the “electrical location” of the facility relative to the lightning strike. READ MORE
July 2005
In a recent article, we covered the need for having a “pre-flight check” performed before moving existing or installing new information technology (IT) equipment into a newly constructed computer room. Since the contractor was not aware of the requirements for such a room, we volunteered our power quality services in exchange for interesting data for this article. READ MORE
June 2005
You have seen them: tall, gangling, steel structures-known as high-tension lines-that transport hundreds of kilovolts. These rights-of-way are used to safely move transmission-level bulk power from the generators to the distribution substations. But the voltage levels do not start out or end up at those levels at the point of utilization. Then why the need for such high-voltage levels? READ MORE
May 2005
I recently overheard a conversation that reminded me of how we take for granted that things will work the way we want them to without doing a few simple checks to verify them. Before every flight, a pilot will go through a checklist, walk around the plane, wiggle this and look into that-all to improve the probability of a successful, uneventful flight. READ MORE
April 2005
Most of the articles in this column have focused on how to find what type of power quality demons are lurking in your power system. However, the other aspect of PQ is how to get rid of them. Otherwise, it is sort of like a doctor who only diagnoses your illness, but can't offer any treatment. READ MORE
March 2005
Last month's article touched briefly on the two of the most important laws in power-quality analysis and seemed to have generated enough questions that a more in-depth discussion might be warranted. READ MORE
February 2005
Seems like there is a new power-quality instrument being advertised in the trade journals each month-or at least devices that claim such capabilities in their ads. READ MORE
January 2005
Adjustable speed drives or ASDs, are often categorized as "sensitive" to power quality phenomena, which means ASD could also stand for "another sensitive device." I am still not sure what "sensitive" means relative to hardware. Susceptible seems like a far better choice of words. READ MORE