Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

January 2005
Adjustable speed drives or ASDs, are often categorized as "sensitive" to power quality phenomena, which means ASD could also stand for "another sensitive device." I am still not sure what "sensitive" means relative to hardware. Susceptible seems like a far better choice of words. READ MORE
December 2004
I just returned from chairing the Report on Proposals (ROP) meeting for the NFPA 70B Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance Committee, where we reviewed, debated, commented and voted on more than 150 proposed revisions to the 2002 edition for the next edition. By the time this article is published, the ROP will be published for public comments. READ MORE
November 2004
Simple questions to tackle audits or troubleshooting jobs Last month's article focused on having the right tool for the job. When conducting a power-quality audit or carrying out a troubleshooting job, the right tool is just one part of the process. You next have to figure out how to go about using those tools to achieve the objective. READ MORE
October 2004
It can save hours of work and a lot of money While doing some construction work recently, I needed a tool that was in my truck, but didn’t feel like going to get it. So I tried to “make do” with what I had in my toolbox. Needless to say, the job took twice as long and didn’t come out the way that I wanted. So I ended up going to get the right tool anyway. READ MORE
September 2004
Power supply design determines an appliance’s energy profile On the plane coming home from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power Engineering Society meeting, I was proofreading a paper that proposed to convert our way of looking at power-quality phenomena from sags, swells, transients and harmonics to a single unified parameter, energy. READ MORE
August 2004
Inrush and the laws of physics Trying to explain power quality phenomena and even electrical concepts in general often results in attempts to translate them into a different domain, such as the mechanical world. Trying to come up with the mechanical equivalent of VARs (volt ampere reactive) is still elusive. READ MORE
July 2004
PQ safety is often overlooked, despite the danger Part of any power quality seminar material should cover the aspects of safety, especially for anyone who must connect/disconnect the voltage and current probes for power quality monitors. An excellent document to refer to is the NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, 2004 edition. READ MORE
June 2004
Power quality problems lurk Stories about an increase in productivity in the commercial and industrial worlds attributed heavily to the growth in information technology (IT) equipment. In fact, this number has been put at $46 billion for the 2003 fiscal year. The 2002-2003 productivity report, according to the U.S. READ MORE
June 2004
How does electronic equipment know the difference? In past articles, we have covered the concept of harmonics, which are usually defined as frequencies that are integer multiples of the fundamental frequency. READ MORE