Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

August 2008
For this issue concerning public spaces, it seemed appropriate to feature something that the press often calls “stray voltage.” Several recent incidents involving utility Con Edison made headlines in the New York press. In a Daily News article, Adam Lisbert wrote, “The utility said yesterday that its fleet of 15 voltage-sensing trucks now sweeps the city all year long. READ MORE
July 2008
When something from the past comes to the forefront several times in a row, one might think of it as a sign. I think of it as an indication that there must be even more occurrences out there. The concept of a ground loop is the latest to rise to that level of awareness, though the circumstances of each were different. READ MORE
June 2008
Though not known as one who dwells in the past or the "good ol' days" mentality, this column happens to mark the silver anniversary of my contributions to Electrical Contractor. It also comes on the heels of a recent meeting with the editor and associate editors to discuss ways to better serve the readership. READ MORE
June 2008
With oil prices topping $100 per barrel, energy conservation is again garnering significant attention. Though oil and its byproducts are not a direct source of electrical energy, they have an impact on costs. Companies try to save costs wherever possible, and some have done so through energy management programs. There are plenty of opportunities to save typically 10–20 percent. READ MORE
June 2008
The topics of global warming, the Greenhouse effect, reducing energy usage and rising energy costs can be found just about every day in the media. There are plenty of opportunities to work to reverse the negative environmental and economic trends, ranging from better insulation in facilities with higher thermal efficient windows and doors to using vehicles with better mileage or mass transit. READ MORE
May 2008
Though it wasn't the result of watching any “Star Trek” reruns, the concept of phasors (or phasers to Trekkies) has been raised in a couple of recent discussions. The first was relative to using a phasor diagram to verify the proper connection of the voltage and current sensors to a power quality-monitoring instrument to get the correct value for all power parameters. READ MORE
May 2008
Though not the most common power quality disturbance in most locations, the transient, or rather, the source of the transient, can be one of the loudest. Transients—also called spikes, surges or impulses—can be generated when lightning strikes electric power or telecommunications lines, a building, or an object close enough to either of those. READ MORE
April 2008
Though some rules can be overlooked without consequence, some are simply too important to not follow. Two rules, in particular, are at the fundamental analysis of all power systems: Ohm’s Law and Kirchoff’s Law. A month rarely goes by when someone doesn’t send me data from a power quality monitor that, if taken at face value, would discredit these two long-standing and proven rules. READ MORE
April 2008
Continual improvements in life expectancy and reduced infant mortality are a result of dedicated healthcare workers and, in part, the array of sophisticated electronic equipment used. READ MORE