Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

February 2009
The usual focus in this column is what those squiggly waveforms are called and what causes them. Sometimes the focus is even what gets rid of them. READ MORE
February 2009
Many school systems have educational programs on energy conservation, recycling and becoming more green. Kids come home full of excitement and try to get their parents to do their part. Does the school itself lead by example? A tour through many educational facilities often finds the opposite. READ MORE
January 2009
Several times recently, someone has asked why two different instruments reported the same values for watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA), but they don’t show the same values for volt-ampere-reactive (VAR). A quick Internet search will turn up a lot of explanations why some instruments are reporting the value incorrectly, but the sites have incorrect information about how to calculate VARs. READ MORE
December 2008
Recently, a knowledgeable colleague said we really don’t need precisely aligned, continuously sampled and calculated harmonics to get an accurate picture of what the average harmonics are. Usually, we are concerned with harmonics as they cause losses in electromagnetic devices that increase as square of the harmonic number. READ MORE
December 2008
Businesses, especially in the financial community, are increasingly reliant on information. This has sent the demand to process and store digital information skyrocketing, turning the heat up on data centers’ computer resources. Higher speed and larger storage capacity means more heat, expanding the energy consumption for their servers and the power and cooling systems that support them. READ MORE
November 2008
Though May is officially National Electrical Safety Month, the statistics for electrocution of electricians indicate that we should make it an everyday event. People have been “playing” with electricity since the 6th century B.C. when Thales of Miletus conducted tests with different objects to create static and sparks. READ MORE
October 2008
The phrase "the good old days" describes a time (real or imagined) that a person thinks was better or simpler. The good old days were when the electric bill was proportional to how many times the black line on the thin metal disk inside the glass of the electric meter rotated. READ MORE
September 2008
Having just come back from two weeks of working with different standards-making organizations, the NFPA and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), it seemed appropriate to share the good news with those who aren’t able to participate. READ MORE
August 2008
It's amazing that searching the Shakespearean quote “A rose by any other name...” on the Internet can elicit such a wide range of subjects relating to it, from “white Merlot” to “hazards of cell phones on humans” to “juvenile justice Swedish style.” So adding one more relating to power quality to the hundreds of references on the Internet shouldn’t offend any of the literary aficionados in the wo READ MORE