Richard P. Bingham

Power Quality Columnist

Richard P. Bingham, a contributing editor for power quality. He can be reached at 732.287.3680.

Articles by Richard P. Bingham

June 2017
It seems like every decade or so, elementary school educators employ a new way of teaching math. When parents try to help, they are greeted with “That’s not how we do it.” Yet the fundamental laws of mathematics haven’t changed since the time of the ancient Greek and Persian mathematicians.
May 2017
Reviewing data files from power quality (PQ) monitors to find evidence pointing to the cause of a customer’s problems may sound simple enough for someone who has worked in the industry for more than 35 years. However, it is often a challenge to have the customer provide the information necessary to determine what is what.
  • Figure 1: Voltage and current transients during switching
April 2017
Engineers in a large electric utility’s power quality (PQ) department had installed PQ monitoring to determine the source of a system component’s failures. They needed to see the voltage and current waveforms before, during and after the cap banks were switched in and out. READ MORE
  • Figure 1: Power quality phenomena over the voltage range
March 2017
The lights blinked for an instant, or a running appliance made a sound like the motor was slowing down. No digital clocks were blinking, no computers restarted, no production lines stopped. It wasn’t going on continually like light flicker, nor was it severe enough of a voltage drop to be classified as a sag. So what was it?
February 2017
When I arrived recently at a residential construction site to build a covered porch, the homeowner was busy cutting a tree away from the power lines to the house with a chain saw. It could have led to disaster, but his chain saw skills and carefully attached ropes dropped the tree away from the wires. READ MORE
January 2017
The proliferation of alternative forms of lighting—for example, LED lamps—has been accelerated by the significantly limited sale of incandescent light lamps. In case you forgot, incandescents failed to meet the efficiency rules of the Energy Independence and Securities Act of 2007. READ MORE
December 2016
One challenge with going to one of America’s iconic eating establishments—the diner—is that the menu has so many choices that decisions can change a dozen times before the server takes the order. Electrical contractors face a similar challenge when deciding which power quality tool to purchase or rent. READ MORE
October 2016
While renovating a basement, I came across a poster for “The Endless Summer,” a film released 50 years ago in which two surfers travel the world’s oceans, chasing warm weather and surfing adventures. It reminded me of a meeting with a group of executives in a multibillion-dollar company 25 years ago. READ MORE
September 2016
The quote “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know,” is popularly attributed to Albert Einstein. The sentiment accurately summarizes analyzing the power quality (PQ) and quantity data collected over the past year at a residential site with 14 kilowatts of photovoltaic (PV) roof panels.