Rex A. Ferry

NECA President

Rex Ferry was president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) from 2009 through 2011 and contributed the President's Desk column monthly.

Articles by Rex A. Ferry

March 2011
Last month, I promised to resume commenting on the more serious aspects of electrical contracting. One of those nuggets from my list of suggestions for improving one’s life, slightly modified, serves as a good lead-in: “Your goals and your ‘comfort zone’ should always be in conflict.” READ MORE
February 2011
I suspect that most of the firms on Fortune magazine’s annual list of the “Best Companies to Work For” would also make anyone’s tabulation of “Best Companies to Deal With.” It follows that employees who enjoy their jobs and are aware of their employers’ mission, capabilities and goals will do their best to keep customers satisfied and, thereby, generate repeat business and referrals. READ MORE
January 2011
This year, “ringing in the new” was accompanied by loud choruses of “good riddance, 2010.” Given the anemic economy, I guess that is to be expected. But, I would like to add some lyrics to the national sing-along: “Welcome, 2011!” You see, I’m still optimistic, and I believe our nation, and our industry, will be in a noticeably better position when it’s time to welcome 2012. READ MORE
December 2010
Two groups often at odds with one another—the automotive industry and environmentalists—have been talking about electric vehicles (EVs) for nearly 30 years. Many people have questioned whether all the talk is, well, just talk. However, at long last, we have a definitive answer. Yes, the EVs are coming. In fact, the vanguard of plug-in electrical vehicles are already on the road. READ MORE
October 2010
Are you trustworthy? Maintaining a reputation for reliability is an absolutely essential trait for a successful electrical contractor. That’s how you get referrals, repeat business and invitations to become involved in projects at the earliest stages where you have a good shot at directing progress and heading off potential problems. READ MORE
September 2010
If it wasn’t clear before, the 2010 Profile of the Electrical Contractor, featured in the past two issues of this magazine, settles the question unequivocally: The economy has had a serious impact on electrical contractors (ECs). Almost 40 percent of the contractors who responded to the survey on which the Profile is based lost employees since the downturn set in. READ MORE
August 2010
Last month, I updated you on how the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is using the Internet to improve communications, education and networking. I think it’s clear I’m proud of my association’s leadership in this area. Nevertheless, I am glad there still are venues in which communication, education and networking are conducted up close and personal, face-to-face and hands on. READ MORE
July 2010
For a little more than 70 years, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)printed and mailed a newsletter to members on a regular basis. It served its purpose well, but NECA retired it in May 2009 because it simply could not do what its replacement does. Now, NECA members get more news faster in the form of an electronic newsletter delivered to our e-mail every week. READ MORE
June 2010
Registration for NECA 2010 Boston opened recently at, but that doesn’t mean the discussions that took place at NECA 2009 Seattle are forgotten. What happens at such events continues to inform attendees and inspire action long after the events are over. It’s just the opposite of what’s implied by that Vegas marketing catch phrase. READ MORE